Port Hedland Port Authority

The Esplanade, PORT HEDLAND, 6721
08 9173 0000

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Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Damien Miles Human Resources Manager20102014
Lyle Banks General Manager, Commerce & Development2014
Les Longden Non-Executive Deputy Chair20092014
Mark Kuzminski Chief Financial Officer2014
John Finch General Manager, Operations; Harbour Master2014
Raechel Paris General Manager, Corporate Affairs & Governance; Corporate Secretary20112014
Roger Johnston Chief Executive20122014
Julian Tapp Non-Executive Director20092014
Troy Buswell Minister for Transport20102014
Colin Barnett Acting Minister for Transport20142014
Elisa Fear Non-Executive Director20112014
Ken Pettit Non-Executive Chair20112014
Daphne Gollogly General Manager, Corporate Services02012
Paige Carroll Executive Secretary02012
Craig Wilson Environment Manager2011
Warren Farrow Port Development Manager02011
Lyle Stanley Manager, Technical Services02011
Andre Bush Chief Executive Officer02011
Roger Richardson Director02011
Geoffrey Stocker Deputy Chairman02010
Mick Evans Director2010
Peter Watson Commercial Manager20082010
Michael Dziombak Director02010
Terry Buck Director02010
Agnita Vorderhake Director02007
Brent Rudler Deputy Chairman02007
Ian Hutton Chief Executive Officer2006
Mary Russell Director02006
Barry Ralston Director02006
Rachael Green Finance Officer20002002
Jan Ford Director
Ronald Holtshausen General Manager, Strategic Planning & Development0
Matthew Currie Director
Ian Williams Chairman
Lindsay Copeman General Manager Operations0


From the 1st of July 2014, the Port Hedland Port Authority has amalgamated with Dampier Port Authority to form the Pilbara Ports Authority. The merging of these ports to form Pilbara Ports Authority will incorporate the largest bulk export tonnage port in the world as world-class oil and gas export operations from both the Ports at Port Hedland and Dampier.
Biography last updated 02 Jul 2014