Pilbara Minerals

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Company Activity

Pilbara secures $US110m debt facility
NEWS: Tagged in Pilbara secures $US110m debt facility30 Jul 2020
Anthony Kiernan
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Anthony Kiernan, Non-Executive Chair30 Jun 2020
Steve Scudamore
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Steve Scudamore, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Nick Cernotta
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Nick Cernotta, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Sally-Anne Layman
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Sally-Anne Layman, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Ken Brinsden
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Ken Brinsden, Chief Executive, Managing Director30 Jun 2020
Alex Eastwood
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Alex Eastwood, General Counsel, Company Secretary30 Jun 2020
Neil Biddle
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Neil Biddle, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
John Young
REMUNERATION UPDATE: John Young, Co-Founder, Technical Director30 Jun 2020
Robert Adamson
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Robert Adamson, Non-Executive Director, Consultant Geologist30 Jun 2020


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