Office of Digital Government

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 Most Senior WA Executive.

NamePositionYear Started
Greg Italiano
Greg Italiano
Government Chief Information Officer2018
John Dixon
John Dixon
Director, ICT Policy & Governance2015
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly
Minister for Innovation & ICT2017

Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Peter Bouhlas A/Government Chief Information Security Officer20182018
Peter Towie Director, Strategic Business Transformation20152018


On 1 July 2018, the Office of Digital Government (previously the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer) became a discrete business unit within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.
The ODG's roles are to: improve delivery of online services to the Western Australian community; implement higher cyber security standards across Government; develop policy and strategy to support a culture of data sharing; build data analytics capabilities within the WA public sector to underpin good policy development and more targeted service delivery; support the implementation of information technology procurement reforms across the sector; and investigate strategies to reduce the digital divide and any digital disadvantage.
Biography last updated 02 Apr 2019