Housing All Australians

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Established in 2018, Housing All Australians is bringing a private sector voice and commercial lens, to help address Australia’s chronic shortage of low income affordable housing.

It is believed that Australia’s chronic shortage of affordable social and public housing is set to create an inter-generational time bomb where the future economic costs of managing the unintended consequences of homelessness, such as mental and physical health, family violence, policing, justice and long-term welfare dependency, will explode.

Company Activity

Fremantle safe house secures $2.5m
NEWS: Tagged in Fremantle safe house secures $2.5m23 Nov 2022
Private sector plays plan to reduce homelessness
NEWS: Tagged in Private sector plays plan to reduce homelessness 23 Jun 2022
Affordable housing crisis could cost WA $6.6bn
NEWS: Tagged in Affordable housing crisis could cost WA $6.6bn23 Jun 2022
Robert Pradolin
NEW ROLE: Robert Pradolin, Founder, National Director23 Jun 2022
Louise Rutten
NEW ROLE: Louise Rutten, National Chair23 Jun 2022
Kirstin Beedie
NEW ROLE: Kirstin Beedie, Member, WA23 Jun 2022
Lee Rossetto
NEW ROLE: Lee Rossetto, Chair, WA23 Jun 2022

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