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Gas Trading Australia Pty Ltd (gasTrading) was established in 2007 to assist in the smooth and efficient operation of gas sale and purchase contracts. The increasing cost of natural gas, and the reduced flexibility of gas contracts, has made the management of these contracts a vital part of corporate planning for any company which uses natural gas.

Through managing client gas contracts, gasTrading helps to contain expenditure on gas and to minimise fuel supply costs. Our Gas Contract Management Service ensures maximum efficiency by working with the client and paying close attention to the client's gas needs and usage. This reduces the risk of nominating too much or too little gas and minimises fuel costs for the client. From an industry perspective, this focus on gas supply management means that all participants in the gas supply chain are better able to manage their assets.

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Suite 1, 160 Newcastle Street, PERTH WA 6000
1800 403 093

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NEW ROLE: Allan McDougall, General Manager15 Sep 2020
ADDED: Added to Consulting Firms list15 Sep 2020


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