Fortescue Metals Group

Established in WA: 2003
Level 2, 87 Adelaide Terrace, EAST PERTH, 6004
08 6218 8888
Fortescue Metals Group Limited engages in the acquisition, exploration, and mining of iron ore properties. Fortescue has achieved these goals through engagement and support from key stakeholders including our people, local communities including traditional land owners, governments, suppliers, customers, non-government organisation and the financial markets.
Last updated 20 Nov 2015

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Company Financials

Operating Revenue$10.92bn$12.48bn↓
Total Revenue$11.26bn$12.61bn↓
WA Profit or Loss$412.8m$2.90bn↓
Total Assets$27.81bn$24.09bn↑
Total Liabilities$18.00bn$16.04bn↑
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Current Directors

NamePositionYear StartedRemuneration
(most recent fin year)
Remuneration Ranking
Nev PowerChief Executive Officer2011$5,035,9676
Andrew ForrestFounder and Chairman (since 2007)2004$147,4971096
Owen HegartyNon-Executive Director2008$166,7051016
Mark BarnabaNon-Executive Director2010$212,742850
Geoff RabyNon-Executive Director2011$200,0002002
Cao HuiquanNon-Executive Director2012$140,0001127
Elizabeth GainesNon-Executive Director2013$161,1331039
Sharon WarburtonNon-Executive Director2013$164,6691022
Peter MeursExecutive Director & Director Developments2013$2,714,33215
Jean BaderschneiderNon-Executive Director2015$63,3201783

Current Executives

NamePositionYear StartedRemuneration
(most recent fin year)
Remuneration Ranking
Nev PowerChief Executive Officer2011$5,035,9676
Mark ThomasHead, Infrastructure Services2015
Stephen PearceChief Financial Officer2010$2,340,4581552
Ian WellsCompany Secretary2015
Peter MeursExecutive Director & Director Developments2013$2,714,33215
Julie ShuttleworthCloudbreak Mine general manager2013
Nick CernottaDirector of Operations2014$1,322,43545


Total staff in WA4,057
Ultimate holding companyFortescue Metals Group Ltd
Offices in WA10
Offices interstate0
Percentage of Products Exported100%
Percentage of Products Sold in Australia0%
Balance date30 Jun 2015
WA Export Revenue most recent financial year$9.91bn
WA Export Revenue previous financial year$12.48bn
Type of Products ExportedIron ore
Export DestinationsChina
Is the organisation headquartered in WA?No
Ranked by WA export revenue most recent financial year
Last updated 16 Oct 2015

Public Companies - Resources

Balance date30 Jun 2015
Operating Revenue$10.92bn
Operating Revenue (previous year)$12.48bn
Total Revenue$11.26bn
Total Revenue (previous year)$12.61bn
Total Assets$27.81bn
Total Assets (previous year)$24.09bn
Total Liabilities$18.00bn
Total Liabilities (previous year)$16.04bn
WA Profit or Loss$412.8m
WA Profit or Loss (previous year)$2.90bn
Long Term Debt$12.26bn
Long Term Debt (previous year)$9.98bn
Short Term Debt$201.8m
Short Term Debt (previous year)$163.5m
Shares (million)3,113
Home ExchangePERTH
IndustryMining of iron ore from its Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek mine sites and the operation of an integrated mine, rail and port supply chain.
Share RegistryLink Market Services
Total staff in WA4,057
Ranked by total revenue
Source: Morningstar
Last updated 09 Oct 2015


Rio Tinto$24.61bn
BHP Billiton$21.42bn
North West Shelf Venture$16.37bn
Fortescue Metals Group$9.91bn
Woodside Petroleum$7.42bn
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