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John van Bockxmeer
John van Bockxmeer
Founder, Chair2009


Fair Game is an innovative health promotion and community
development charity that donates recycled sports equipment
and uses it to deliver unique fitness, health and wellness
programs to underserviced communities in need. Fair
Game's unique integrated approach and capacity building
initiatives reduce rates of communicable diseases and
lifestyle related illness, improve mental well-being and build
social cohesion.
Fair Game's vision is to allow all Australians access to the
benefits of healthy choices through recycled sports
By 2016 the charity had facilitated the donation of more than 20,000 sports items (from exercise equipment to balls and bats) and counts almost 200 volunteers among its team of ‘Fair Gamers’.
Together they deliver team sporting events, dance, yoga and pilates programs, fitness challenges, as well as provide interactive health education sessions for five to 15 year olds.
Small groups of Fair Gamers head out on road trips 30 to 40 times a year, visiting young people across the state in the remote and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities where they live.
Biography last updated 10 Mar 2016