Department of State Development

Established in WA: 2009
1 Adelaide Terrace, EAST PERTH, 6004
08 9222 0555

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Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Stephen Wood Director General20112017
Stephen Melville Director, Corporate Services20112017
Tim Fraser Executive Director20112017
Bill Marmion Minister for State Development20162017
Rob Delane Special Adviser Agribusiness Expansion20162017
Amy Lomas Executive Director, Strategic Policy20122017
Jenness Gardner Executive Director20122017
Colin Barnett Premier20082017
Pamela Hass Principal Advisor & Coordinator, Commercial & Legal20102017
Nicky Cusworth Deputy Director General, Strategic Policy20102016
Giles Nunis Deputy Director General, Resources and Industry Development20102015
Garry Bird Project Officer20132015
Gail McGowan Deputy Director General, State Initiatives20082014
Jenness Gardner Director, State Development Policy20102012
Stephanie Black Director, Corporate Services20092011
Michelle Andrews Executive Director, Browse20102011
Jeremy Carlberg Commercial Advisor20092011
Graham Tattersall Senior Project Manager20102011
Dave Coggin Acting Deputy Director General, Strategic Policy20082010
James Pearson Policy Director19972000
Sonia Webster International Relations Officer19991999
Brenda Robbins Executive Director19951996
John Wood Executive Director, Strategic Development Division19911993
Anne Nolan Director General


The former Department of State Development provided leadership to drive responsible development for Western Australia's future. Working closely with industry, communities and government agencies the Department delivered significant State initiatives and facilitated major resource, industrial and infrastructure projects. It also worked to attract strategic investment to Western Australia, assist the development of export markets, and enable the development of strategic industrial land and infrastructure. The Department of State Development was amalgamated with the industry promotions and innovation functions of the Department of Commerce and the Western Australian Tourism Commission on the 1st July 2017 to form the new Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.
Biography last updated 07 Dec 2017