Department of Aboriginal Affairs

Ground Floor, 151 Royal Street, EAST PERTH, 6004
08 6551 8000

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Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Vaughan Davies Assistant Director General20162017
Ross Tomasini Executive Director, Community Development2017
Tiffiny Vale Executive Director, Heritage2017
Glen Kar Executive Director, Corporate Affairs2017
Peter Collier Minister20132017
Wayne McDonald Senior Project Officer, Director & Regional Coordinator20112017
Lucy Gunn Executive Director, Accountable Government2017
Cliff Weeks Director General2016
Vaughan Davies Executive Director20132016
Priscilla Clayton Consultant Contractor20152015
Sonia Tait Senior Strategic Land Officer20112014
Duncan Ord Deputy Director General20102014
Patrick Walker Director General20082011
Charles Vinci Director Business & Strategic Services2010
Mary Cowley Principal Indigenous Adviser2010
Jacqie Brienne Principal legal officer2010
John Dean Director Policy and Co-orination2010
David Pedler A/Director Policy & Co-Ordination2008
Jackie Tang Acting Director General20072008
Peter McKerrow Principal Legal Officer2008
Amanda Cattermole Acting Director General2007
Chris Cottier Director of Policy & Coordination; Acting Director General (Apr-Oct 2005)20032005
Neil Fong Land Officer19861998
Alan Beattie Manager, Information Management19951997
Neil Thomson Executive Director, Lands


The former Department of Aboriginal Affairs is now part of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. The department is an amalgamation of the former departments of Planning, Lands, the State Heritage Office and the land and heritage functions of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, and was formed as a result of the changes to the public sector announced by the State Government in April 2017.
Biography last updated 09 Oct 2018