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Liberal move divides party

The GST is a potential sleeper issue as WA heads to three by-elections.

Qantas launches cheap flights to Broome

The state government has announced a partnership with Qantas that will provide discounted airfares for flights to Broome in an effort to boost regional tourism.

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Foreign property proposal

Business leaders see potential

Entrepreneur lunch: Peter Prendiville, Rod Jones, Gordon Martin and John Rothwell have outlined the challenges they see in diversifying WA’s economy.

Constant re-engineering needed

Entrepreneur lunch: Coogee Chemicals executive director Gordon Martin struck a chord at this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year lunch when he said all businesses needed to re-engineer their cost structure every few years.

Cleaning up, clearing out

Entrepreneur lunch: Navitas managing director Rod Jones recently found a simple way to end in-house confusion about his phased handover to successor David Buckingham.

WA unemployment drops 0.4%

Despite adding 8,300 jobs in April, Western Australia has retained the highest unemployment rate in the country, according to latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

WA may still ban sheep exports in summer

The federal government has endorsed changes to the livestock export industry designed to improve animal welfare but the WA government says it may still try to ban live sheep exports to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer.

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Jobs boost tipped as business outlook lifts

Govt backs barramundi farm, Warburton resigns

The $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund has finalised its second deal, providing nearly $30 million to a barramundi farm in the Northern Territory, two weeks after chair Sharon Warburton stepped down.

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GST changes backed, Morrison reaches out

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Fears warship planning could cut out WA

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Labor gains on ‘fair’ budget: poll

Trade war unlikely, former US speaker says

A trade war driven by the Trump-administration’s protectionist policies is probably unlikely, former US House of Representatives speaker John Boehner told a Perth audience last night, words that may offer some comfort for those in WA’s export industries.

Tax shift may improve ledger

Western Australians paid federal taxes of $16.5 billion in the year to June 2017 that were spent outside the state, according to WA Treasury data, with the latest numbers suggesting WA would be the biggest winner from federal moves to cut company and income taxes.

Government investigates Qantas WA pilot school

The McGowan government says it will set up a taskforce to investigate establishing a pilot training academy in Western Australia, after Qantas today launched a formal request for proposals from state governments across the country.

WA Labor MP addresses citizenship concern

WA Labor MP Anne Aly claims that a letter from the Egyptian embassy regarding her citizenship has “put the matter to rest" following concerns surrounding her eligibility for parliament.

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Boost for Tourism WA

Landgate, TAB sales still in the offing

Treasurer Ben Wyatt said today the government was still working on the proposed sale of land registry service Landgate and gaming agency TAB.

Spending restraint, jobs growth support budget

The state’s net debt will peak at a level $2 billion lower than previously forecast, at $40.9 billion, with Treasurer Ben Wyatt forecasting an operating surplus in the 2021 financial year.

Miners, property buyers face higher levies

State government revenue will be boosted by several policy measures announced today, including increased cost recovery from the mining, maritime and justice sectors, removal of the resource sector’s exemption from a training levy, and an increased levy on foreign property buyers.