Readers Response - Ningaloo Reef – Australian Wildlife Conservancy replies

ON 16th January, WA Business News published an article regarding Ningaloo Reef and Australian Wildlife Conservancy entitled “Wedged on the Reef”.AWC and its directors, Martin Copley and Barry Wilson,

Editorial - Does leadership matter?

LEADERSHIP is something we’ve been banging on about here at WA Business News for years.

State Scene - Beazley bides his time

SOON after the November 2001 Federal election, State Scene quizzed one of WA’s more insightful Federal MPs.

Readers Response

Zimbabwe concern

State Scene - Numbers still favour Nats

ELECTORAL Affairs Minister Jim McGinty’s decision to embark on a costly High Court challenge to the weighting of WA’s rural electorates provides a suitable opportunity to revisit this issue.

Editorial - Alcoa's clue

ALCOA watchers would have had a fascinating few days last week. The company’s Australian-born executive vice president John Pizzey was here for a few days and did some high profile presentations.

Editorial - Deregulation’s hidden agenda

IT has been a long time coming but it seems the fight to deregulate our shopping hours is on in earnest.

State Scene - The changing nature of life on Christmas Island

PHOSPHATE mining and tourism, the two economic staples of tropical Christmas Island – 2630 kilometres north-west of Perth – could be diversified.

Readers Response - Spot-on view

JOE Poprzeczny’s piece “University Law Outdated” (WA Business News, February 20) was spot on.

State Scene - University union fee laws are out of date

HERE are the first three paragraphs from an article in a local newspaper (Western Suburbs Weekly) that reached letterboxes around February 4.

Editorial - Strange return

WHAT a strange place Australia is.

Editorial - Double jeopardy

IT’S an old chestnut, a centuries old law that is a key plank in our legal system – the fact that someone acquitted of a charge may not be tried again for that particular offence.

State Scene - Ball in PCC’s court

SOMETHING resembling a Mexican stand-off appears to have developed between Perth City Council (PCC) and Planning Minister Alannah MacTiernan, just when they should be in close contact. The PCC, for more than a year, has made it clear that it believed M

Rail plan rebuttal

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan responds to Joe Poprzecny’s assertion in his State Scene column of January 23 that a

Pop sinks his teeth in to rail

A COUPLE of weeks ago our political columnist Joe Poprzeczny wrote a column for State Scene entitled “That sinking feeling” about the rail line that separates Northbridge and the CBD.

A point of no return

STATE Scene only rarely considers issues that can be categorised as international affairs.

Appointment speaks volumes

THE decision to name Professor Fiona Stanley as Australian of the Year is a very important one for WA.

State Scene - The leadership issue

AS January 2003 recedes we approach the Gallop Government’s half-way mark.

Nice Timing

JOE Poprzeczny’s State Scene article ‘Wedged on the Reef’ of January 16 2003 was very appropriate considering the timing of current announcements concerning the Ningaloo Reef developments.

Emphasis on innovation

INNOVATION is a strange concept in Australia. I have written before that our innovation is often the bush mechanic style of being able to keep things together with wire and string.

State Scene: Wedged on the reef

DICKENSIAN England gave us the blood-curdling Tale of Two Cities. Not to be outdone, WA is giving us the intriguing ‘Tale of Two Nor-West Resorts’. Back in the Dowding years the Labor government called for expressions of interest to develop a resort at