ASX review backs changes

A REVIEW of the Australian Stock Exchange’s corporate governance guidelines has recommended changes to assist smaller listed companies.

Thorpe shows true worth

NO matter what anyone says about young people today or the litigious nature of our society, every now and then something turns all that sour stuff on its head.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Uncertain political Territory

LONG-TIME State Scene readers may recall a March 2001 column highlighting research by Dr Bob Catley, then of New Zealand’s Dunedin-based Otago University.

The story behind Alinta’s spin

I WAS quite staggered this week to find that Alinta’s general manager of corporate communications David Franklyn had quit over his former employer’s $1.69 billion bid to buy the Australian and New Zealand assets of Duke Energy.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Poll prompts a shake-up

IT’S finally happening, and it’s happening much earlier than expected. But in politics nothing’s lost by getting things out of the way sooner rather than later.

Wisdom from the east

IT’S easy when you spend a short time away from Perth to find the grass is greener elsewhere, especially when you are on holidays.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Choosing the lesser evil

GROWING numbers of Labor and Greens activists are concerned that the Gallop Government is the weakest link in Labor’s current hegemony over all States and Territories.

FTA is far from flawed

I HAVE been doing as much analysis of the free trade agreement with the US as possible and I simply can’t understand the objections that are arising from vested interests around the country, led by sugar growers.

Sorry tale just gets worse

HOW things change in a week.

Libs fail the power test

FEBRUARY 18 – ‘hot Wednesday’ – clearly showed how reform of Western Australia’s energy sector has been bungled, for the time being at least.

A super opportunity

WHENEVER controversies surface at the national level that impact, even indirectly, upon State affairs it’s hard to hold back premiers and/or State opposition leaders from commenting.

Ripper should stay ... for now

ERIC Ripper should resign. At least that’s the call made by numerous people during the past week as the State’s Energy Minister has copped the full brunt of our displeasure at being deprived of air-conditioning, among other power services.

Gale meets first creditor payment (preview)

THE article below is as complicated as a business story can get. The man at the centre of it is at the helm of a public company, yet his private business dealings raise many questions.

Time for a little political transparency

Time for a little political transparency THE superannuation debate that flared up and lit a spot fire, until Prime Minister John Howard doused it with an opportunistic sprinkling of cynical politics, is worth a brief discussion.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Taking a collective approach

BUREAUCRATIC fashions, like those in clothing, constantly change. And the changes invariably sweep across the globe.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Liberals lurch towards poll

THE Barnettled Liberals are heading towards the February 2005 election in what can only be described as a deplorable state.

Free trade compromise

THE free trade agreement with the US is obviously the talking point this week.

Workers’ compo conundrum

WORKERS’ compensation is such a minefield that it rarely raises a wrinkle on the public’s brow until there is a major catastrophe.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: No satisfaction on republic

FEW realise that the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Standing Committee (L&CSC) is considering “the most appropriate process for moving towards the establishment of an Australian republic with an Australian Head of State”.

Give me a good news story any day

TOO often in publishing we are accused of always seeking out the negative. Well, WA Business News tries where it can to balance the ledger and find the positive stories.

Adding fuel

MY research for last week’s editorial on petrol prices gave me reason to call the RAC for comment on the issue.