State Scene - The leadership issue

AS January 2003 recedes we approach the Gallop Government’s half-way mark.

Nice Timing

JOE Poprzeczny’s State Scene article ‘Wedged on the Reef’ of January 16 2003 was very appropriate considering the timing of current announcements concerning the Ningaloo Reef developments.

Emphasis on innovation

INNOVATION is a strange concept in Australia. I have written before that our innovation is often the bush mechanic style of being able to keep things together with wire and string.

State Scene: Wedged on the reef

DICKENSIAN England gave us the blood-curdling Tale of Two Cities. Not to be outdone, WA is giving us the intriguing ‘Tale of Two Nor-West Resorts’. Back in the Dowding years the Labor government called for expressions of interest to develop a resort at

Labor to power ahead

CALENDAR year 2003 is set to be a memorable and self-strengthening one for WA. And that’s despite the drought acro

Notice must be served

A RESIGNATION does not necessarily mean the start of a new career.

Hackers present security nightmare

TOO many companies falsely believe they are safe from computer hacking but it is a real and growing threat to business – and Australia is recognised as having some of the world’s most skilled hackers.