Editorial - His fingers in our pockets

IT’S that time of year again, when all the wailing and gnashing of teeth keeps us all in a miserable state. Yes, that’s right, its budget time.

Mark Pownall: Editorial

IT is good to note that Fisheries Minister Kim Chance is taking a close interest in the rock lobster industry, one of our most successful niche exports.

Who loves ya, baby?

JUST as former Labor premier Brian Burke vacated the media spotlight over lobbying, his long-time party pal Kim Beazley came into its beam. State Scene certainly never expected to be re-focusing on Mr Beazley so soon

State Scene - Balance as a first resort

THE Gallop Government’s guillotining of former premier Brian Burke’s and one-time minister Julian Grill’s lobbying work highlights several interesting inconsistencies.

Editorial - Pan’s ills compound VRI woes

THE bunfight surrounding VRI Biomedical had just gone off the corporate radar over the Easter break when the sudden implosion of national therapeutic drug giant Pan Pharmaceuticals appeared as a large blip on the screen this week.

Finding strategic funding solutions

CONGRATULATIONS on your recent initiative to host a boardroom lunch to discuss the current state of affairs with WA’s research and development efforts.  I found the articles informative, insightf

Editorial - Philanthropic push and pull

I ATTENDED a function the other day on the value of corporate citizenship and was surprised by the level of debate that this subject sparks.

State Scene - If US presidents do it ...

PREMIER Gallop’s official website carries information that, on the face of it, looks impressive.

State Scene - Maybe Orwell was right

“BRIAN Burke will now become a very tragic figure.”

Bigger isn’t always better

I HAVE already shown my colours in the debate over retail trading hours but, with the extended deadline for submissions set to close this week, I thought it was worth revisiting the subject.

Cabinet decision hits home

THE wife of former Labor Minister and now successful lobbyist, Julian Grill, has warned Premier Geoff Gallop that the “witch hunt” against her husband and former Labor Premier Brian Burke could reboun

READER RESPONSE - A Clearer Picture

WE write regarding you story titled ‘Breathing Space for Channel 31’ on page 20 of WA Business News, April 10-16, concerning Channel 31 Community Education Television Ltd.

Editorial - No secrets between mates

A CORPORATE fracas is often the public version of an ugly divorce.

State Scene - Lobbying for transparency

THE issue of lobbying resurfaced in the media last week. WA’s current lobbying activities were first highlighted early this year and Premier Geoff Gallop has had a tortuous time explaining his Government’s handling of it.

Editorial - It’s all too clear to us, now

WHILE new Australian Stock Exchange rules for corporate governance should be viewed as a victory for common sense, I can’t help wondering if it is all too little too late – and not just from the regulator.

State Scene - An executive decision

TWO Saturdays ago a conference was held in the WA Constitutional Centre, one of the historic buildings on the hillock behind Parliament House.

REIWA clarity

IT was disappointing that REIWA was implicated in your story “Agent to Face Inquiry” (WA Business News, March 20 2003) as the apparent source of media comment on a matter concerning a REIWA member age

State Scene - Meanwhile, back at the ranch

TWO Geraldton-based fishing companies – Latitude Fisheries and Tohzai King – are gearing up to agist fish at sea.

Editorial - War for trade?

THE war. It is a topic that is not far from everyone’s thoughts at the moment as our troops become involved in this controversial conflict.

Editorial - Burrup Hiccup?

THE recent setback for the development of the Burrup – with delays to the Canadian-based company Methanex’s plans to build a methanol plant – shows how fragile investment in major projects can be in a global economy.

Fractionalised waste system

YOUR editorial of February 6 noted that it was “time to clean up the mess” in WA.  Your commentary stated that: “We simply haven’t got the economies of scale to efficiently deal with this issue”.