Expense Reduction

Is emotional spending driving your travel costs higher?

Expense Reduction Analysts takes the emotion out and puts the effort in to deliver sustainable corporate travel savings.

Records management and destruction – are your documents safe?

Interview with Gerard Francis from Expense Reduction Analysts.  

Freight costs too high? It might not be your rates!

Ruth Cohen, a Principal Consultant at the Expense Reduction Analysts, talks to Tim Woods.

A world of gas – is yours costing too much?

Interview with Deepesh Parikh.

Are you paying for the air in your packaging?

Interview with Tom Debney, Principal Consultant with Expense Reduction Analysts.

Shake up in the office supplies industry

Ruth Cohen interviews David Rounsevell about what’s new in the office supplies industry.

How to increase your 'stick ratio': reduce your recruitment costs by retaining new hires

An interview with Brett Hay, the recruitment specialist of Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team. Having joined Expense Reduction Analysts in 2002, Brett brought a wealth of experience in sen

Time to declutter your telecommunications

An interview with Tim Salik, Expense Reduction Analysts’ Telecommunication's specialist. Tim has indicated that major developments are expected in the telecommunications area in the next five years an

To print or not to print, the cloud is the question

An interview with Grant Levy, Expense Reduction Analysts’ Photocopier specialist.  

Top 10 savings opportunities in domestic freight and couriers

An interview with Michael Salih, the Domestic Freight & Couriers specialist of the Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.  

Busting myths of international freight charges

An interview with Ivan Glucina, the International Freight specialist of the Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.   About Ivan

The Renaissance of Print – what do we think about ink?

Ruth Cohen spoke to Gary Wilson, one of Expense Reduction Analyst’s print specialists about hot topics in the print industry.

Seven ways business travel could benefit from technology this year

An interview with Hassan Nasser, the Travel Procurement Consultant of Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.  

The insurance market is changing – do you know where your risks are?

An interview with Peter Chapman, the General Manager of Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific's insurance team.