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Rubbish in, rubbish out. The art of asking the right questions

My three-year old has just hit the “why” stage. “Where are we going mummy?” “To the shops.” “Why?” “To get some milk.” “But why are we getting some milk?” “Because we’ve run out.”

Time to declutter your telecommunications

An interview with Tim Salik, Expense Reduction Analysts’ Telecommunication's specialist. Tim has indicated that major developments are expected in the telecommunications area in the next five years an

The Art of Research

Recently, five much loved WA artists took on a novel challenge of expressing their support for medical research by decorating lab coats in their distinctive styles.

To print or not to print, the cloud is the question

An interview with Grant Levy, Expense Reduction Analysts’ Photocopier specialist.  

Putting lipstick on a pig is not the answer to growth and innovation

Last week I attended a webinar run by Dr Jeffrey Tobias, managing director of The Strategy Group, on business model transformation.

Top 10 savings opportunities in domestic freight and couriers

An interview with Michael Salih, the Domestic Freight & Couriers specialist of the Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.  

Good chats and good yarns: Western Australian directors gather for 42nd Rottnest Forum

“Youse have a good conference, a good chat, a good yarn,” said Neville Collard, a Noongar man, one of the traditional owners of Rottnest Island, or Wadjemup by its Noongar name, as he welcomed Western

12 traits successful businesses have in common

How do you become world’s best practice? Phil Ruthven AM FAICD identifies 12 commonsense themes.

What the aged care industry can learn from financial planners

On the face of it, the aged care and financial planning sectors are worlds apart.

How to stop families playing genetic roulette

The Federal Government last month announced the largest single investment of the Medical Research Future Fund. It focuses on screening for genetic diseases.

Busting the myths of international freight charges

An interview with Ivan Glucina, an international freight specialist from the Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.

Facebook, cricket and the endless search to ‘know’ the customer

Over the last few weeks, those in the business of crisis management have been gifted more fodder for promoting their services than they could ever have hoped to get their hands on.

The Renaissance of print: what do we think about ink?

Ruth Cohen spoke to Gary Wilson, one of Expense Reduction Analyst’s print specialists about hot topics in the print industry.

Biotech investment delivers boon to WA trial facility

If you’re suffering from advanced stages of cancer the best news your oncologist can deliver, apart from saying you’re winning the battle, is that you’re eligible for a promising new drug trial.

Biomedical engineers investigate why millions of catheters fail

Researchers from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research have helped explain the high failure rate of one of the most commonly used medical devices in the world.  

7 ways business travel could benefit from technology this year

An interview with Hassan Nasser, the Travel Procurement Consultant of Expense Reduction Analysts team.

Why boards should be going abroad

It was a trip to Shanghai with the ANZ board in 2017 that gave Graeme Liebelt FAICD, Dulux and ANZ non-executive director and Amcor chair, a powerful sense of the impact of mobile technology and the r

Is the data telling us WA has turned the corner?

Over the last two years, there’s been a lot of talk in the WA business community about the need for growth, yet the undertone has been one of survival.

Frank Cooper AO FAICD on how bards should manage risk

The Division Council president of AICD WA and distinguished non-exectuive director talks on managing risk and assessing an organisation’s true state of cultural health.

5 top global risks in 2018

Despite promising headline global growth, the world's economies and societies remain vulnerable amid proliferating indications of uncertainty, instability and fragility, the World Economic Forum says