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Business Advice is a series of blogs provided by local experts in their field. There is a wide range of specialist categories provided below. If you are an expert and wish to have the exclusive opportunity to blog in a particular specialist category, please contact our Sales Team at or 9288 2100. 

These articles are of an informational nature with the content chosen and supplied by the client. They can be located on our website just like any other article. 


Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Joel Levin is the Managing Director of Aha Consulting, a firm that specialises in community and stakeholder engagement, facilitation and organisational development.

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Linda Crumlin is the State Director of the Australian Red Cross in WA. She commenced her career as a nurse in the United Kingdom, before moving into the corporate world. She moved to WA in 2007.

Shake up in the office supplies industry

Ruth Cohen interviews David Rounsevell about what’s new in the office supplies industry.

Commercialising medical research

Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector is showing encouraging signs for future investors.

The relationship between money and happiness

The recent news of the tragic suicides of two high profile individuals, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, is a timely reminder that money can’t buy happiness.

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Sonja Cox is the Acting Director of Asset Management, WA Police. Sonja joined WA Police in 2015.

How to increase your 'stick ratio': reduce your recruitment costs by retaining new hires

An interview with Brett Hay, a recruitment specialist from Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific. 

How to make good business decisions

Most business owners make 100s if not 1,000s of decisions in a week.

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Ben Aldridge is a professional speaker and the owner of 30 Foot Drop, an organisation dedicated to increasing openness and inclusion for people with a disability.

How serious are you about feedback?

Imagine if your ongoing employment in a company was contingent on receiving positive feedback from your peers and subordinates.

Rubbish in, rubbish out. The art of asking the right questions

My three-year old has just hit the “why” stage. “Where are we going mummy?” “To the shops.” “Why?” “To get some milk.” “But why are we getting some milk?” “Because we’ve run out.”

Time to declutter your telecommunications

An interview with Tim Salik, Expense Reduction Analysts’ Telecommunication's specialist. Tim has indicated that major developments are expected in the telecommunications area in the next five years an

The Art of Research

Recently, five much loved WA artists took on a novel challenge of expressing their support for medical research by decorating lab coats in their distinctive styles.

To print or not to print, the cloud is the question

An interview with Grant Levy, Expense Reduction Analysts’ Photocopier specialist.  

Putting lipstick on a pig is not the answer to growth and innovation

Last week I attended a webinar run by Dr Jeffrey Tobias, managing director of The Strategy Group, on business model transformation.

Top 10 savings opportunities in domestic freight and couriers

An interview with Michael Salih, the Domestic Freight & Couriers specialist of the Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.  

Good chats and good yarns: Western Australian directors gather for 42nd Rottnest Forum

“Youse have a good conference, a good chat, a good yarn,” said Neville Collard, a Noongar man, one of the traditional owners of Rottnest Island, or Wadjemup by its Noongar name, as he welcomed Western

12 traits successful businesses have in common

How do you become world’s best practice? Phil Ruthven AM FAICD identifies 12 commonsense themes.

What the aged care industry can learn from financial planners

On the face of it, the aged care and financial planning sectors are worlds apart.

How to stop families playing genetic roulette

The Federal Government last month announced the largest single investment of the Medical Research Future Fund. It focuses on screening for genetic diseases.

Busting the myths of international freight charges

An interview with Ivan Glucina, an international freight specialist from the Expense Reduction Analysts - Asia Pacific team.