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#LawyersMakeADifference | Sophie Manera

In Law Week 2019, the Law Society of Western Australia launches a new, ongoing campaign, #LawyersMakeADifference, to highlight real stories of lawyers using their skills to help people in our communit

#LawyersMakeADifference | Sally Bruce

In Law Week 2019, the Law Society of Western Australia launches a new, ongoing campaign, #LawyersMakeADifference, to highlight real stories of lawyers using their skills to help people in our communit

5 lessons from AGM season: ASIC

From remuneration to shareholder action and beyond, ASIC Commissioner John Price summarises key AGM season trends.

Facing up to the aged-care challenge demands innovation and flexibility

Australia’s ageing population is one of the biggest challenges facing the country in the next 20 years. 

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Craig Holland is the Director of Maker + Co, a Bunbury-based Coworking, Innovation and Creativity spaced focused on supporting the Innovation Ecosystem in Regional Western Australia.

Law Society #LawMatters: Law Week 2019 | Monday, 13 May to Friday, 17 May

Law Week is an annual opportunity for the legal profession to engage with the public, build a shared understanding of the law and promote access to justice.

Tips for employers: unfair dismissal claims and practical ways to avoid them

This is an abridged version of a more comprehensive article you can find here.

How effective boards can challenge management

 Calls for boards to challenge management more robustly sound good in theory.

100% uptime turning WA businesses into fierce competitors

When we first set off on our journey in 2010 to be Australia’s leading Data Centre as-a-Service provider, we knew that providing our customers with 100% uptime was non-negotiable.

Director sentiment lowest in two years on economic uncertainty

The confidence of Australia’s company directors is at its lowest point in over two years according to the latest Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Director Sentiment Index (DSI).

Tougher new ASIC warns directors

In this year's federal Budget, The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) was awarded more than $400 million in extra annual funding over four years, 25 per cent more than last year.

Remote area benefits can save you thousands

Remote area benefits can save you thousandsIf you or your employees work in a remote area, there are a number of tax incentives that may be available. Benefits that can be packaged include: 

10 tips to boost your board composition

Ensuring your board has the right skills to face the future of governance is a fine art. We share our top tips for improving your board's balance, in this article written by Dianne Jacobs MAICD.

Aaron McDonald discusses the findings of the “Fiocco Report” with John Fiocco

Aaron McDonald discusses the findings of the "Fiocco Report" with John Fiocco.

2019 Federal Budget Analysis

What does the 2019 Federal Budget mean for your organisation and for the wider Australian economy?

Relocating? You can save with Pay@bility

Australia is a big country, meaning moves — interstate, between cities and from elsewhere in the world — for work are common.

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Jodi Cant is the Director General of the Department of Finance. Previously, she was the Chief Executive of Landgate, WA’s land information authority.

Law Society #LawMatters: The Lore Law Project

Krista Dunstan writes for the Law Society of Western Australia regarding its Lore Law Project.

The new way of working could be killing our retirement outcomes

It’s the new work order: abandon the shackles of the 9 to 5 in favour of working multiple jobs, for multiple employers.

Is your organisation successfully handling complaints?

Effectively handling complaints can provide valuable information to enhance company performance. We outline here the best way to deal with your complaints. Five questions to consider

6 helpful ways to improve IT governance on your board

IT can be a tricky topic for boards, given that many lack the knowledge to properly govern technology functions. We list 6 ways to ensure your board is maximising its IT potential.