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COVID-19: Effective internal and external crisis communications

The COVID-19 pandemic is both a social and financial crisis where trust will be central to corporate and political survival.

COVID-19 and NFPs: What directors need to know and helpful resources

This is a challenging time and we recognise all not-for profits (NFPs) and charities are facing extraordinary challenges across multiple fronts, ranging from solvency and liquidity concerns to employe

COVID-19: The implications for D&O insurance

The D&O insurance market has been under strain for a number of years, with premium increases exceeding 100% a familiar sight.

Everything You Need To Know About The Google & Facebook COVID-19 Ad Grants

It’s no secret that Google and Facebook have immense financial resources at their disposal.

6 Steps To Surviving & Thriving in a Pandemic

It’s been said over and over again during the past couple of weeks, but we really are living through extraordinary, unprecedented, totally crazy times.

The High Court offers clear guidance on who is an ‘officer’ of a corporation

The High Court’s recent decision in Australian Securities and investment Commission v King [2020] HCA 4 provides some important clarity around the definition of ‘officer’ as defined in section 9 of th

Coronavirus – What Employers Should Know

With the rapid spread of Coronavirus and a potential pandemic on the horizon it is important that employers are aware of their obligations and start making preparations. Key Takeaways

Force majeure in the wake of the bushfire disaster and the rise of the coronavirus outbreak

In light of the recent chaos, and devastation caused by the Australian bushfires and the outbreak of the coronavirus, we delve into the relevance of “force majeure” in enforcing performance of contrac

4 ways to guide a meaningful corporate purpose

A clear corporate purpose can provide context for your organisation's decision-making. We share four ways to create a clear purpose, looking beyond short term profits and marketing spin.

Calling Lawyers and Former Lawyers – We Want Your Views!

There are significant benefits to be gained from strengthening engagement and retention of legal professionals in Western Australia, from our law graduates to highly experienced practitioners. If you’

Got an idea? Here’s how to turn it into a business

It’s an exciting feeling to have an idea that could make you millions.

Why business should invest for longterm value creation

Vanguard principal Glenn Booraem says directors should have a greater focus on stakeholders and avoid becoming an extension of management.

Give your business a boost in 2020 with workable new year resolutions

New year’s resolutions. We’ve all made them, and broke them, often before the end of January. The start of a new year always brings a fresh approach to life; both personal and business.

Is WA In Danger Of Being Left Behind By The 4th Industrial Revolution?

The digital world plays a huge part in modern life - so much so that the current digital transformation being experienced all over the world is being called “the 4th industrial revolution”.

The talent-pool increasing retention, skills diversity

As the head of an organisation of 1200-plus employees, like you I am always looking for ways we can drive innovation, improve employee retention and bring new skills and resourcefulness into our talen

5 emerging technologies to watch in 2020

Monitoring these 5 emerging technologies will help directors better navigate the challenges and opportunities of a new decade. 

Workplace relations became a mainstream issue in 2019. Is your business ready for 2020?

For the first time in a long time, workplace relations became a headline issue.

Why we need ethical leaders: ABC chair Ita Buttrose

ABC chair, Ita Buttrose AC OBE reflects on her trailblazing career so far, and shares her plans to restore lost trust in the organisation. Article by Narelle Hooper.

Governing a monster Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Commodores Tracy Matthews and Paul Billingham reflect on governing risk and preventing loss of life behind the world famous event, which this year features a record 170 yachts for the 75th anniversary

Key directors and lawyers discuss the future of the corporation

The discussion at the NSW Supreme Court's Corporate and Commercial Law Conference raised more questions than it answered. Marianna Papadakis writes.

Leveraging business diversity

Diverse services in a business can cause complexity, but they also offer opportunity.