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Smart Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

The business world can be a complicated and challenging place. Unless you have your finger on the pulse with the latest trends and innovations, it can be very easy to fall behind the competition.

Low Pay-No Way!

Market Practice 

The gap between saying and doing: how to address cognitive dissonance in your customer base

Cognitive dissonance, in essence, is the gap between what you say and what you do. It's when your words, thoughts or actions contradict your beliefs.

4 questions directors must ask to lead their organisations through the digital age

Today all businesses are technology businesses.

Has the role of your Accountant done a full circle?

Rewind 100 years and you have an accountant who took an active role in their clients’ family affairs.

Why four seconds could be killing your business online

If this page took more than four seconds to load, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be reading it right now.

What’s a ‘person’? Legal entities in hospitality businesses

You may have heard the idea that a person includes companies. That sounds a little odd. Lawyers, on the other hand, don't blink at that sentence.

4 things cyber-savvy organisations have in common

The cybersecurity landscape is rapidly evolving. More organisations are investing time and resources into ensuring that they are on the front foot when disaster strikes.

Timing is Key

The decision to bring forward a redundancy by eight days has resulted in a ruling by the Federal Circuit Court that a company contravened the general protection provisions afforded under the Fa

What NOT to do when conducting NPS research

In this week's column, I share insights from Sean Allen, CoreData's director of financial services, and CEO of our customer experience research business, C

How to avoid common research traps

One of the biggest challenges companies face when undertaking research is knowing where to start.

What directors need to know about fintech

Since all organisations rely on financial services in some way, directors will need to be cognisant of the changes fintech is bringing as it enters the mainstream.

Smart Ways You Can Save Money This Financial Year

Many successful entrepreneurs will use tax time to undergo a financial health check. It’s the perfect time to review business expenses and ensure you’re getting the most value out of every dollar.

Have You Recently Relocated for Work Purposes?

If you have recently relocated for work purposes, there’s a range of benefits you are entitled to.

6 Reasons Small Businesses Should Lease

The cost of buying everything you need for a small business is daunting. Tech equipment, office furniture, corporate supplies, a reliable and suitable work car and an office space. It all adds up.

3 must-haves for a good board-CEO relationship

Risk, succession talks, being too involved or not involved enough – navigating the dynamic and natural tension that exists between an organisation’s board and CEO can be difficult.

Getting your Marketing Budget on point in FY17-18 – Our top tips

Digital marketing often involves continuous quick decisions to react to new opportunities and market changes.

Good Remuneration is in the Mix

The seemingly biggest issue with executive pay relates to the tenuous link between pay and performance, and the resultant quantum of pay received.

The perils of generational segmentation

Millennials are tech-savvy, entitled and lazy. Gen X are cynical and hard-working. And Boomers are out of sync with technology, set in their ways and itching to retire.