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AGM season: More directors targeted in 2019

By Christopher Nietsche  

The fine line between casual and full time employment

Employers should consider whether their casual employees are in fact casual employees in substance. Relevant considerations for determining this are:

7 ways to establish an effective whistleblowing policy

New research reveals the role directors can play in improving whistleblowing policies and practices to ensure fair treatment for employees who expose wrongdoing in an organisation.

We've Come a Long, Long Way Together – 10 Years of the Fair Work Act 2009

Writing for the Law Society of Western Australia, Amber Roncoroni of HLS Legal reflects on 10 Years of the Fair Work Act 2009.

Clear your credit card before Christmas, without giving up the daily coffee

Control your personal cash flow by creating a household budget

Going global pays off for Seek

Graham Goldsmith, new chair of employment platform Seek, discusses the organisation's future, from planning for global expansion to managing competitors.

The importance of properly documenting settlement agreements

Less than 2% of disputes make it to trial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Wealth creation – are you taking the steps towards a financially secure future?

A healthy retirement is something that many of us strive to achieve. Who doesn’t like the idea of living a comfortable lifestyle without a financial stress after working for 60+ years?

Auditing standards under scrutiny in parliamentary inquiry

Concerns over possible conflicts of interest for financial auditors have resulting in an inquiry by parliament due 1 March 2020. 

Time for a rethink on remuneration?

One of the big headaches for directors is deciding how to pay the people who run their companies.

Where does the cloud live?

There was great news for all government organisations in Australia last month with the Commonwealth’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and AWS announcing they had signed a Whole-of-Government agree

Expanding Your Range of Influence to be Seen and Heard at Work

In this article, personal branding for professional services expert and New Work Consulting’s Director Julissa Shrewsbury discusses how a consideration of your personal brand can increase your ability

Will lease protection insurance work for you?

Lease protection insurance is taken out when you buy your vehicle through a novated lease.

Crowdfunding: Getting ready for take-off

Crowdfunding: Getting ready for take off

What we can learn from the bank self-assessments

Self-assessment reports from the major banks should be a must read for all boards following the banking Royal Commission.

Why risk is critical for boards: Liz Ellis AO

Liz Ellis AO, former captain of the Diamonds netball team, shares how her leadership skills on the netball court have lead to a distinction in governance.

Importance of Employers understanding their obligations: Modern Awards

The recent $200,000 fine imposed on George Calombaris by the Fair Work Commission for underpaying staff is a timely reminder that the consequences of employers not understanding their obligations in r

Digital ecosystems: The power of together

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Green is good - why corporates are using green finance

Green bonds could assist organisations who would like to become more socially responsible and work towards positive environmental and climate change solutions.

Rare earths a strategic opportunity for Australia

The Australian and US Governments both recognise the strategic importance of rare earths to technological advances. The recent escalation of the trade dispute between China, the largest producer of rare earths, and the US, one of the largest consumers, has seen China threaten to restrict exports as a form of tariff retaliation. Despite previous threats nearly a decade ago, it is only now that both Governments are seeing the strategic value in supporting and developing a rare earths sector that is not dependent on China. What you drive, how your energy is produced and how you are defended are all on the line in this escalating dispute.

How I save 42% of my vehicle service cost

Why vehicle maintenance approval makes absolute sense