Tom Baddeley

Short-term gain may bring long-term pain

How are political and business decisions made to achieve short-term goals of any real benefit to society?

Sustainability looms as the new ‘black swan’

The economic downturn presents great opportunities for innovation.

Hangover may take a little while to cure

I THINK it was Keith Suter who compared the global financial crisis to a 'big weekend' - too much to drink on Saturday, hangover on Sunday, cleansed and ready for work on Monday, the social commentator told a recent Technology and Industry Advisory Counci

Meeting the needs of mining communities

IN her doctorate on the impact of fly in, fly out (FIFO) on workers, the University of Western Australia's Susan Clifford has found that FIFO is not having the deleterious effect the tabloid headlines would have us believe.

Plenty for the new premier to ponder

WHOEVER forms government after last weekend's amazing state election, the challenges will remain the same; and one of the first the new administration will need to tackle is the perception that has been Alan Carpenter's undoing - that not enough has been

Getting the elephant out in the open

There's an elephant in the room. Whether it's a public forum or a boardroom discussion, if the topic is climate change or lower emissions or the pricing of carbon, there it is - big and hard to miss, but somehow going unnoticed.