Sharon Kemp

Capital raising’s class divide

Follow the money and you discover a class difference in the resources industry not unlike that which dominates the Australian landscape.

Ownership issue haunts gold play

After years of delay, the sale of Newcrest Mining’s 22.22 per cent holding in the $1 billion-plus Boddington gold prospect could dictate whether the long-delayed project is finally able to proceed.

Diggers dealing in a boom market

Confidence in a booming sector was on show for all to see at last week’s Diggers and Dealers conference in Kalgoorlie, as Sharon Kemp reports

A touch of vaudeville

If it was promoted on a Broadway billboard, Diggers and Diggers 2005 would have starred the vaudevillian duo Andrew Forrest and Michael ‘Lucky Legs’ Kiernan, a Mongolian trapeze act and ‘The Man Who C

A few words between mates

It seems common for deals to be struck between mining junior and major, or banker and miner, in Kalgoorlie pubs during Diggers and Dealers, and for gossip, share tips and takeover speculation to be pa

Diggers drill warning

Mining companies are existing comfortably with booming commodity prices, but Diggers and Dealers delegates were issued a dire warning this week that not enough drilling was occurring in Western Australia to replace existing orebodies.

Planning pays at party time

Mums in Kalgoorlie like to party, party, party.

'Dusted Off' - BHPB holds cards close on nickel

Anyone who has been through a takeover knows how unsettling it can be on business and morale.

'Dusted Off' - Tax schemes leave bitter taste

You are a miner grossing more than $100,000 a year.

Nickel developments drive opportunities

Heron Resources may have set the scene for Western Australia’s next billion-dollar mine in March when it welcomed the world’s second biggest nickel producer, Inco, to evaluate the Kalgoorlie Nickel Pr

Countdown on as production end looms at the Super Pit

A date of completion has been tentatively set for the 50-million-ounce-plus Golden Mile that no Kalgoorlie resident thought would ever run out of gold.

Property confidence booming

Confidence is high in Kalgoorlie’s residential property market, which is good for investors and home occupiers and bad for renters.

Birney imposes no limits

Kalgoorlie MLA Matt Birney’s unwavering confidence has propelled him to leadership of the Western Australian Liberal Party at the relatively young age of 35.

Special Report - Goldfields hub plans to reshape its image

For more than a century Kalgoorlie has been synonymous with gold mining and its associated industries and activities.

'Dusted Off' - Foreign feel to iconic centre

Kalgoorlie has lost its esprit de corps but is more resistant to boom and bust cycles since proximate gold mines have come under foreign ownership.

'Dusted Off' - Virgin flight demonstrates how Kalgoorlie pays for bad habits

Virgin Blue fled Kalgoorlie three days before its inaugural flight and is having to be coaxed back to the city.

'Dusted Off' - Wonders of choice

Kalgoorlie residents are enjoying more of what Perth shoppers have taken for granted for years – choice in expensive items and a quick trip to the local supermarket for daily needs – and Perth retailers could be the worse off for it.

Dusted Off - Skills dilemma hits

Kalgoorlie may be home to Australia’s highest concentration of skilled mining labour but even here the national skills shortage is starting to make its mark.Who is working to stem an outflow of skille

Image makeover for Kalgoorlie

Guest columnist Sharon Kemp, a former reporter with The Kalgoorlie Miner, The West Australian and The Age, will   provide WA Business News readers with a regular glimpse of life in the mining communit