Sara Mandon

High-profile product

SEVERAL of the staff at Mt Romance felt managing director Stephen Birkbeck had gone out on a limb when he authorised construction of a 16-sided cone on the company’s Albany property.

Speeding up the courts with better case management

IT is now five years since case management was introduced by Judge Charters and Principal Registrar Michael Harding in the Perth District Court.

Judges need defending, it seems

WHILE the ducks of WA enjoy a shooting ban, the people who uphold the law and order of this country, the judges, are not enjoying the open season seemingly declared against them.

Making law accessible

FOR one week a year, the law profession opens its doors to the community, providing a range of activities and services not usually accessible to the person on the street.

QCs face silks’ cut

THE historic title of Queen’s Counsel could disappear if a decision by the WA Law Society’s Council to change the silks’ system finds support among barristers.

Merged legal group thinks size counts

NEW Australian legal giant Allens Arthur Robinson plans to double its Perth office within three years as the AAR merger partners focus on the potential of WA for strategic growth.

Perth firms fight legal brain drain

PERTH law firms are experiencing a shortage of mid-level staff as big salaries beckon young lawyers with corporate experience overseas.