Richard Keeves

Playtime pays for Turbo-Jet

With its founder professing a love of model aeroplanes that dated back to his childhood, it is little surprise that Turbo-Jet Technologies has won about $4 million in funding from the Federal Governme

Timely test for e-tailing take-up

IF Internet-based retailing companies can’t turn a profit this Christmas they never will.

The Net widens as domain names leave .com behind

MANY of you will have heard of the Tower of Babel. Well watch the Internet over the next six months for the electronic equivalent.

Business Online

DISTURBING items in the news indicate the Federal Goverment could do more with respect to appropriate policies in the IT&T field.

Mineral Exodus to probe cancer

IN its planned shift from minerals to healthcare and biotechnology research and development, West Perth-based Exodus Minerals is seeking shareholder agreement to change its name and divest itself of its minerals resources.

Online ads face change

DO you click through?That is the funda-mental question facing the future of online advertising, as click-through rates fall and ad revenue plunges at most content sites around the Web.

What’s in a number?

THERE have been some big numbers hitting the headlines in the online world. Internet penetration in the US has now risen to 60 per cent of the population.

Program solves the BAS blues

THE mere mention of the word BAS in a group will create an intense and heated debate – all negative.

Labor needs IT gallop

Labor needs IT gallopNOW that election hysteria has passed, it’s a good time to look at Labor’s promises on information technology and telecommuni-cations (IT&T), and assess how Dr Geoff

The road ahead

IN many ways the first phase of the Internet revolution, and its adopted brother, the New Economy, has come and gone.