Peter Morris

Surviving the online jungle

AMAZON.COM, the online bookseller and pin-up company of the revolution, recently posted its latest quarterly results – dripping with red ink.

Challenge to adapt as workplaces evolve

TODAY’S workplace probably would not be recognisable to our grandparents. It is worth mulling over what it will look like for our grandkids, or even our children.

Understanding the balancing act of change

SOME time ago, Charles Darwin made the point that it was not the biggest or the fastest that were most likely to survive change, it was the most adaptable.

Knowledge network a vital tool

PUBLIC relations companies get it, journalists have always understood it and now it is moving mainstream.You – and anyone you employ or work with – is as valuable as their network of contacts.

System stifles venture capitalists’ enthusiasm

RECENTLY I was at a party discussing business with an inventor.

Overseas experience an asset for all

THE brain drain is the best thing that can happen to Australia.The collective hand ringing which has been going on about our best and brightest leaving to work overseas is completely misplaced.

The Dockers catch globalisation

THE wreckage left after last week’s blood-letting at the Fremantle Dockers is a graphic illustration of the challenges facing a WA-based organisation trying to mix it in the big league.

Playing catch up in a changing world

ONE commentator at last week’s meeting to ratify the BHP-Billiton deal described chief executive officer Paul Anderson’s role as being more like holding a four-hour counselling session.

We buy but can we sell online?

BUYING and selling are usually seen as two different angles on the same transaction. But as more and more business moves into the electronic world – telemarketing, web-based sales, etc. – the distinction is becoming much more than a word game.

When open source means open slather

DAZZLING new business model or zealot-driven commercial suicide? The open source software movement has been called both.

Can you keep a secret?

THE key to keeping the BHP/Billiton mega-merger under wraps apparently all came down to a retro communications strategy.

Taming wickedness

“NOW that’s a bugger of a problem”. This comment is usually a good indicator that you are wrestling with a seriously wicked problem.

Open the gates to R&D innovation

WAY back in 1980 Bill Gates had a meeting which was to set him on the road to many billions of dollars and attracting an unhealthy interest from the US Department of Justice.

Time to plug the Perth brain drain

OVER the past few weeks the Business Council of Australia – the mouthpiece for the big end of town – has been “rattling the bars” over Australia’s apparent slide into branch office economy status.

Telstra carrot lures users to e-commerce

TELSTRA has just made an offer they hope we can’t refuse: they’ll slash the cost of our phone bill if we agree to complete the transaction on-line.