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Bright signs for Lumacom

ELECTRONIC sign technology maker Lumacom has added a heads of agreement with Turkish billboard advertising company Global Medya Pazarlama to a recent deal with Disney Theatrical Productions to put one

Stirling steps out of United Way

AFTER 11 years at the helm of one of Western Australia’s larger fund raising organisations, Bob Stirling has decided to call it a day.Mr Stirling was, until recently, CEO of United Way and helped take

ZBB looks to $6m listing

ENERGY storage company ZBB Energy is poised to write the next instalment in its colourful history with a $6 million listing on the Australian Stock Exchange due for March 9.

Yachties in early on rent

YACHT clubs on the Swan River are preparing to renegotiate their riverbed leases to preserve current terms they have with the Western Australian Government, even though there are about 26 years remaining before they require renewal.

Marlin loss for long-liners

TUNA fishermen have lost a Supreme Court bid to land any striped marlin they catch as part of their long-line fishing activities.

Tenix buys Environmental Solutions

FAILED waste treatment solutions company Environmental Solutions International has been sold to Tenix Alliance.A Tenix spokesman said it would be continuing the projects ESI was already involved with.

Union, drivers will have truck with law proposal

A RAFT of proposals by the Western Australian Government to help head off the truck driver dispute has been greeted with enthusiasm by both parties in the dispute.The dispute, between owner-drivers –

MTA waits on act change

CHANGES proposed for the Trade Practices Act could allow panel beaters to join together in their long-running battle with insurance companies over pay rates.The dispute, which stems from insurers’ pre

Legal load in truck battle

ANY settlement in the long-running truck drivers’ dispute over pay rates that could result in a pre-Christmas strike could run the risk of running foul of Australia’s competition laws.Because the truc

Ford report welcomed

NON-UNION collective agreements and allowing unfair contracts to be assessed in the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission are two of the recommendations from William Ford’s review of the State’s IR laws. The Ford report, which contains 38 rec

Interest high in PB Foods

SEVERAL possible buyers have emerged for dairy icon Peters & Brownes (PB Foods) amid speculation the operation could be sold by its owner, Fonterra, to clear the way for a $1.62 billion takeover bid of Aust-ralian diary company National Foods.

Badge in $4.1m deal

BADGE Constructions has been awarded the $4.1 million contract to build the long-awaited combined Department of Planning and Infrastructure and Department of Fisheries Marine Operations Centre for Fre

Malaysian trade imbalance

THE investment flow in the business relationship between Western Australia and Malaysia appears to be very much in WA’s favour.

Indigenous approach to business

A PILOT program that aims to bring respect and economic benefits to Indigenous culture while bringing returns to business has been launched.The program involves Western Australian-based national Abori

Boaties vent over rent

Marina operators have warned that one of Western Australia’s most popular pastimes could get more expensive, with boat owners facing higher charges to house their vessels because of rising State Government charges.

Mondarra study proposal floated

A plan to expand the Mondarra gas storage facility will receive another airing after Western Power agreed to co-fund a feasibility study of the facility’s expansion.

Glory shoots for new goal

Perth Glory chairman Nick Tana is planning to sell down his 75 per cent stake in the soccer club to instead have a 10 per cent holding in the planned listed entity that will own the club.That is the l

Special Report - Top StateWest award for on-time delivery of PCEC

Western Australia’s top public sector staff and teams have been honoured at this year’s StateWest Achievement Awards. Noel Dyson reports.

Yang develops a molecular marker

Two diseases that threatened to devastate the State’s $200 million-a-year lupin industry have been stalled, thanks to the work of Department of Agriculture molecular geneticist Hua’an Yang.Dr Yang has

Finding 30’s not hard

Getting Western Australia more active may not seem like the easiest job in the world but it is one the Find Thirty Campaign team took on with a vengeance.The idea behind the concept was simple – “Find

Power play gains support

A WESTERN Australian Government plan to make its agencies put their electricity needs out to tender has boosted the vision of greater competition in WA’s power market.Instead of having to sell their p

Hagar aims to end trafficking

A Swiss charity with strong links to Perth’s business community is working to stop people trafficking and bring hope to Cambodian street women.It also runs three business operations in Cambodia – the

Clearing the decks at WaveMaster

Creditors of foundering ship builder WaveMaster International may have to wait until next year to see if the business can be salvaged and they can recover what they are owed.

Reeves reaps regional benefits

ALBANY butcher Reeves & Co Quality Butcher has been named Western Australia’s regional business of the year, one of several award winners from the southern townIt was also named WA’s best regional

Pilbara facing $311m spend

A combined spending spree by the Western Australian Government and BHP Billiton could result in about $310 million being spent on the Pilbara over the next four years.Just days after BHPB announced it

New Western Potatoes in sales role

A grower-owned company, Western Potatoes Limited, will take responsibility for the commercial activities of the Western Australian potato industry as part of a major restructuring to the controversial regulation of the sector.

WaveMaster into dry dock

Embattled shipbuilder Wave-Master International Pty Ltd has slipped into administration amid revelations that it has been sold to a sister company that may have played a role in its demise.

OKA’s doing better than ok

One minute it was boldly taking Western Australian off-road vehicle manufacturing knowledge to the world and the next, seemingly, OKA Motor Company was gone.

Proctor selected for new national Indigenous body

Former Woodside Energy executive Joe Proctor has been appointed to the Federal Government’s National Indigenous Council.The NIC is designed to provide advice to government on issues affecting Aborigin

Hyatt plan returns squash to the CBD

The halls of the Hyatt Centre will again be alive with the thwack of squash balls thanks to a plan by Squash WA to bring the centre’s squash courts back to life.The nine squash courts in East Perth ha

Disability program pays for PCB

A program that aims to make Western Australia recognised as the most disabled-friendly State in Australia has won the Perth Convention Bureau a rare honour and won WA about $5 million.The program won


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Bookkeeping industry gets set to boom

BOOKKEEPING looks set to boom once the GST comes in.