Melissa Hanks

ATO airport raid may be just a start

A JOINT raid by the ATO, Centrelink, Department of Immigration and the police last week during which more than 100 taxi drivers were stopped at Perth domestic airport is likely to have been a practice

Life’s not all fun and games

WA has the second highest participation rate in sport and physical activities across the country. If you are involved in a local sporting club, one thing you can’t afford to overlook is tax.

No escaping the little brown form

IT’S BAS time again. The dreaded little brown form has arrived in the post and is sitting on the desks of businesses across the country, waiting to be tackled.This is the first quarterly BAS for new financial year and it is due on October 28.

Education gives way to enforcement at ATO

THE Australian Tax Office has moved away from the help and education role it had during the introduction of the new tax system. Now, 90 per cent of the ATO’s GST field staff are involved in audit or verification activity. Across the country, there are...

Jury still out on the new tax system

WHEN Treasurer Peter Costello announced the introduction of new tax system in August 1998, he said Australians deserved a tax system that would make our economy stronger, generate more jobs, improve our living standards and fund essential services.

Companies carry the tax can

RECENTLY released statistics from the Australian Tax Office show that companies account for only 5 per cent of the total number of taxpayers, but more than three-quarters of total income.

ATO goes online for tax innovation

IMAGINE being able to access your tax records and pay your taxes through an ATM or an on-line bank. Imagine if the Australian Tax Office provided information that was customised to meet each of our needs.

Business grins and bears changing face of taxation

THIS time two years ago we were still getting used to adding 10 per cent to the cost of most goods and services, and businesses were yet to experience the thrill of their first BAS.

Important role for new tax watchdog

A NEW tax watchdog is expected to be in place by the end of the year.Minister for Revenue Senator Helen Coonan has released a consultation paper detailing the role of the Inspector General of Taxation.

International tax change next great leap forward

AUSTRALIA’S international tax arrangements affect the decisions of businesses to locate in Australia as well as Australia’s ability to attract foreign capital.

Thrice-taxed super unique to Australia

AFTER housing, superannuation is the biggest asset most Australians will ever own. But, unlike the family home, which is generally tax free, super is taxed three times.

Tax inspector to deal with small business issues

SENATOR Helen Coonan says she is looking for a “tough, independent watchdog” to take on the role of Inspector General of Taxation.

Controversy over release of the final schemes report

Amid controversy, the third and final report of the Senate Inquiry into Mass Marketed Tax Effective Schemes was released this week.

Local investors tune in to inquiry report

THE final Senate Inquiry report into Mass Marketed Tax Effective Schemes is expected to be released before Federal Parliament resumes next Tuesday.

Easing the burden on business

GOVERNMENT regulations are an ongoing thorn in the side of business, with results from a recent Chamber of Commerce and Industry survey ranking this issue in the top five concerns of Australian businesses.

Radical new tax method mooted

FOLLOWING the Howard Government’s return to power, Australia may be the first country in the world to introduce a radical new method for determining taxable income.