Llew Raubenheimer

APTS passes growth test

ONE man’s vision to provide a value-added pressure-testing service to the construction, resources and oil and gas industries, has led to the emergence of a leading Australian company poised to expand offshore.

OMI creates right image

OCEANIC Medical Imaging (OMI) has uncovered gaps in Perth’s private diagnostic imaging market to quickly establish itself as a player in the sector.

Fresh burgers Jus the ticket

BURGER entrepreneur and chef Justin Bell has taken a sizable bite out of the Perth market and is aiming to serve up his unique fare in Melbourne by spring.

Addwealth achieving goals

FINANCIAL planner and funds manager Addwealth is riding high after a stellar 12 months to April 30 – and revenue is poised to surge again in the next year.

New home for women’s service

COMMUNITY group Women’s Health and Family Services has moved into a new, unique home in Northbridge, which is steeped in heritage value.

Asian demand for LNG to test regional suppliers' capacity

JAPAN’S nuclear energy woes have sent a ripple through the world’s natural gas markets as the energy hungry country sucks in more fuel to help plug the hole in its power generation capability.

Fieldwork in resource frame

ARMED with the latest technology, minerals explorers today gather more data in just a few hours than would have been imaginable to field geologists a few years ago.

Business practice Inline with values system

Attention to detail and personalised customer service are the key drivers of James Taylor’s business.