Hesh Reinfeld

Lack of passion no joke

I finally agreed to hire a business coach to help me out of my funk. After only one session she concluded, “Hesh, your problem is simple.

A downside to upsizing

I changed the name of my business from ‘Hesh Reinfeld’ to ‘Hesh Reinfeld and Associates’. Did I hire additional staff? No. Then why the change?

Trying to balance the ledger

“Hesh, where is your business plan?” was a question I expected from my banker, but not from my wife.

Will the real Warren Buffett please stand up

We named him Warren but called him Buffy for short. Since he was able to sit up, I would read him chapters from The Intelligent Investor: the Definitive Book on Value Investing by Benjamin Graham. He listened attentively, but I think his favourite was a c

The sales pitch that became a family feud

We had finally made it. The cover of Auto Dealers Magazine had a photo of my brother and me with our backs to each other.

‘The Other Side’ - Talking the same language

Me, outsourced? Impossible. How could they replace a humour columnist?