Evelyn Duffy

Fremantle’s limitations force port push

THE Western Australian government is being urged to make up its mind on its plans for the future of Fremantle's inner harbour.

Freo well placed for cruise boom

Fremantle is in a strong position to host an increased number of passenger liners as the Australian cruising market continues to grow at a strong pace, according to experts at a recent conference held at the port town.

Seaport shake-up

POTENTIALLY high margins are luring small companies to projects that could fuel new power supplies for WA’s far north and remote inland areas.One group of companies has focused a lot of energy this year into proving up a gas supply on tidal flats ne...

The finer details of shipping

WA’s exporters are being urged to extract cost savings and efficiencies in their business by being more astute in their choice of shipping service.

Cranes top performers

AUSTRALIA’S major think-tank publication on waterfront productivity, the Bureau of Transport Economics, has declared Fremantle the nation’s star performer in crane productivity.

Fremantle abandons exclusive licences

THE Fremantle Port Authority (FPA) has opted against proposals to offer exclusive licences for its $20 million annual towage business and will issue its incumbent service provider Adsteam Marine, with a non-exclusive licence.

MacTiernan moots more ships

THE WA Government could face bills of up to $10 million annually under a planned “renaissance” of coastal shipping services.

Aussie yards rival Asia for ship repairs

SOUTH East Asia’s dockyards face tougher competition for export earning repair business as our commercial shipyards sharpen their marketing focus on the region.

Towage in limbo

NATIONAL and international companies bidding for the Fremantle Port’s highly lucrative towage business are anxiously awaiting a directive from the Gallop Government on licensing arrangements for port services.

New design jets ships ahead

Henderson high-speed ferry builder Austal Ships is claiming another competitive advantage through its latest technical innovation, microplate technology.

MacTiernan promises an ocean of transport funds

Western Australians are promised “revolutionary” change in the way goods, people and services are moved around and out of our vast State.

Luxury order boost

WA’S Henderson shipbuilding region is rivalling leading motor yacht building nations like Holland, Germany and the United States for contracts from billionaire buyers.

Centre to sharpen WA oil and gas strengths

A WORLD-class research and development centre to sharpen the competitive edge of our high export earning oil and gas and marine industries is operating at Curtin University.

$1m interest-free loan lures MSC to Fremantle

SWISS-based container shipping giant the Mediterranean Shipping Company has secured close to a $1 million from the Court Government to assist with relocating its Australasian shipping office to Fremantle.

Isolation proves to be WA’s friend

WA’S transport sector overcame the “tyranny of distance” again in 2000, driving initiatives that will set new benchmarks in efficiency for the nation.

Bunbury offers challenge

THE Bunbury Port Authority is fine-tuning a battle-strategy designed to take container business away from the port of Fremantle.

Fremantle in $20m tug of war

WA’S ports continue to shake up the nation’s towage sector with Fremantle indicating it may follow Bunbury in offering highly lucrative towage work to overseas interests.

Freight war on track

THE new owner of Westrail’s freight business is looking at targeting selected regional areas with rate reductions to lure business away from the road transport industry.

Port beats urban challenges

ENCROACHING urban development and battles with heritage groups have formed a backdrop of a challenging year for the Fremantle Port Authority.

Asia beckons AV experience

Kospro International is claiming success in Asia with its offer the consumers – the ultimate sensory experience,Managing director Rob Scott said the company was achieving prominence in Australia and Asia with its audio, lighting and video integrated sy

Floating palaces take off

HENDERSON shipbuilder Austal Ships is targeting the boutique cruise market to achieve growth and offset the global downturn in its core fast ferry business.

Making millions selling hot bods

SUSY Griffiths proudly admits that selling her hot bod will earn her many millions of dollars.

Politics plague ports

Australia’s ports – that vital link with our overseas trading partners – remain disadvantaged by short-term political decisions despite moves to distance themselves from government through commercialisation and corporatisation.

Company puts heads together

Surely the Perth market can’t sustain a business offering training in bomb threat procedures, kidnap survival training and anti-piracy procedures?“We’ve been around for two years and our business is growing,” responds David Harper.

Volunteers work behind the scenes

VOLUNTEERS have been a part of Rottnest from the time the island gained recognition as a favourite family holiday destination.

Comings & Goings

THE following company personnel changes have been notified to the WA office of the Australian Stock Exchange:Ken Hellsten has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Comet Resources NL.

Bunbury changes culture of ports

THE Bunbury Port Authority is changing the commercial culture of towage services at Australian ports following its success in winning a landmark Federal Court case.

Steel plea rejected

THE Australian steel fabrication industry’s plea for industry participation plans to reduce the impact of cheap imports has been rejected by Federal Industry Science and Resources Minister Nick Minchin.

Steel industry ‘on its knees’

WA’S steel fabrication industry – one of the State’s major sources of manufacturing jobs – is being “forced to its knees” as construction project managers favour cheap imports of fabricated steel over local produce.This gloomy prediction comes from WA m

Exporters ‘miss boat’

WA exporters are missing the boat to markets in North Asia and the Middle East, according to a survey commissioned by the Fremantle Port Authority and the Sea Freight Council of Western Australia.

Perth firm sets standard

PERTH-based safety special-ists, the Marine & Offshore Group (M&OG), is trading proof that altruism can be used to sow the seeds for a rapidly expanding global business.