Don Clayton

‘An Australian Leadershift’

Take a good look at yourself

Finding a work-life balance

Andrea, who is the marketing manager of a Western Australian-based national consumer goods chain, was close to tears when she explained she barely had an opportunity to spend her pay cheque between work and air travel.

Keeping career plans up to date

IN my newly published leadership development program I refer to a widely used definition of ‘career’ for discussion with the participants … career – a profession or occupation chosen as one’s life’s work.

Demonstrating the right stuff

THE majority of supervisors don’t get to go to business school to learn about the competencies or skills and behaviours for being a boss.

Assessing your work team

WHEN I am asked how I assess my work team without psychotherapy or climbing ropes in an adventure course, I usually answer with a couple of questions: “Are you sure you have a team?”