Anthony Wooles

Top local performers defy ongoing market weakness

THE 2003 TRUDO Total Shareholder Return survey covers a continued period of subdued stock market conditions.

Securing ‘acceptable’ returns

HOW do shareholders know whether a company is delivering an adequate rate of return on their investment

A real sporting chance

IT is interesting to note the extraordinary space dedicated of late to the diagnostic treatment of some of our younger sports stars, particularly focused upon their ability to balance success on the sporting field with success in the

Nurturing the emerging talent

THIS week, Business News announced the outcome of its search for outstanding achievers in the 40under40 program.

Heads up and moving on

THE year looks like starting out with a level of product and capital market buoyancy that was missing for much of the last calendar year.

Opportunities in technology

AS we move toward the closure of the 2001 calendar year and contemplate the business environment for the early part of 2002 and through to the end of the financial year, there should emerge a clearer picture of the technology melt-down

Growth through acquisition

THERE are many firms currently who have experienced challenging trading environments in the past 12 to 18 months.

Taking the lead role

RECENTLY I had the opportunity to listen directly to the key thoughts of a value-creating chief executive officer, one of the clear leaders in the Australian business community and one whose appointment and subsequent

Managing your costs

WITH the current level of economic uncertainty and negativity, a growing number of companies is announcing significant cost reduction schemes, leading many business leaders to question the sustainability of their organisations’ cost positions.

Going for growth

IF your business growth model stands the test strategically then three critical questions arise – determining optimal capital structure, the sources of growth capital, and what to expect once you have re-capitalised for growth.

Making it to the next level

ONE of the central challenges faced by successful businesses of any size in WA is that of managing growth.The size and structure of this State naturally supports businesses that can carve out a competitive advantage here and be successful.

Challenging performance

PERFORMANCE-BASED remuneration is becoming a critical component of the executive compensation structure for many companies.

Accurate measure of corporate performance

WHEN companies talk about performance, a wide variety of metrics are often quoted. Earnings growth, earnings per share, net profit, EBIT and return on capital are all examples of metrics shareholders can expect to hear about

Collecting the tools for value creation

WE recently held a Business Forum during which a selection of eminent business leaders in Western Australia presented on the topic of Managing for Shareholder Value into 2002.

Getting peak management performance

IF setting the direction of the business is the domain of strategic planning, then getting the most out of the business is the domain of performance management.

Evaluating the rate of return

COMPANIES are bombarding shareholders with a constant stream of information claiming to be measures of performance.