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The Waterman’s success flows

WA businessman Victor Hoile has been making money out of water all his life.In his twenties he became a founding partner in the successful Perth firm Hugall and Hoile, specialising in drilling water wells and domestic reticulation.Today, out on h...

Challenges as pearl coast loses its lustre

THE rich and prestigious tightly controlled Australian South Sea pearl industry which predominantly lies off WA’s North West “Pearl Coast” is facing one of its toughest challenges in more than a century.

The mother of all pearling ships

AT this moment she holds the record as the biggest pearling vessel in the world – the 35 metre 376 tonne Nalena Bay, mother ship of the Broome-based Blue Seas Pearling Company.

Cutting-edge campus for Broome

A $1.3 million Federal Government grant towards a new library and research centre will put future students at the University of Notre Dame of Australia’s Broome Campus at the cutting edge of educational technology.

Mad cows bring new market to Kimberley

KIMBERLEY beef producers are looking to capitalise on the sudden escalation of the mad cow scare after Australian authorities banned the importation of beef products from Europe.

Ordinary folk change world

EXACTLY 30 years ago, Alvin Toffler snapped a lot of sleepy brains awake by publishing Future Shock - the first thorough social analysis of accelerated change.

Broome’s ‘tin shed with lattice’ in very high demand

PROPERTY prices in the historic pearl of the north, Kimberley holiday resort of Broome are soaring through the roof as Perth’s idle rich seek a winter retreat.

Sun rises on new cinema

A NEW $2 million 400-seat twin cinema complex planned for 2001 will bring air-conditioned day long entertainment to Broome.

LNG output to treble

AUSTRALIA’S liquefied natural gas exports are set to at least treble by the end of decade, delivering a windfall boost to WA’s North-West which is already exporting $3 billion a year.

Kimberley ‘wets’ tourist appetites

EFFORTS to promote Broome as a year-round holiday destination, have been thwarted by the Kimberley’s notorious wet season again, higher fuel prices and distance.

Oil rich waters renamed

IN AN unofficial move to reduce confusion, defuse political sensitivities across the Timor Sea and put the huge off-shore gas regions of the far North West Kimberley firmly on the world map, Woodside Energy has given the area a more easily identifiable na

Church’s rebirth

THE “Star” of the North – one of the most popularly visited tourist attractions in the Kimberley – the historic, much-loved Beagle Bay Church which bell tower suddenly collapsed in a heap of rubble only weeks ago – will rise again thanks to an emotional s

Unique art awaits buyer

A UNIQUE collection of historic Aboriginal art – gathered from isolated communities across the remotest corners of the Kimberley – is sitting in a Northern WA university campus awaiting a philanthropic buyer

Mini-cruisers boom in NW

NEW super expedition mini-cruisers that can cost more than $3 million are leading the way in WA’s Far North West explorer adventure boom, opening lucrative new holiday travel horizons.

Broome’s bold blueprint

A BLUEPRINT for the future of Broome growing at an annual estimated rate of seven per cent will provide huge tourism investment and business oppor-tunities in the State’s north west.

Cricket plan to boost Broome

A PLAN for WA to host regular top class international cricket with SE Asian teams – up to five or six times a year during the Perth “off-season” – in Broome is being considered by the WACA and the State Government.

Port key to boom

THE Port of Broome – officially known as the Port of Pearls – is racing to complete a multi-million dollar development designed to cash in on the growing trade boom in the rugged Kimberley region of North West Australia.

Virgin moves to mobiles

INTERNATIONAL giant Virgin is taking on the Australian mobile phone market.

Paradise has a $4.5m price tag

COCKATOO Island, the remote far North West Australian wilderness hide-away once owned by Alan and Eileen Bond is up for sale – again.