Alan Lawson

Explaining the mechanics of margin lending

RECENT Reserve Bank statistics confirm that the margin lending industry continues to experience substantial growth, with loans outstanding as at March 2002, having almost doubled in the past three years to more than $9 billion.

Upturn reflects rapid adjustment

FIRMS across the industrialised world retrenched sharply in the aftermath of September 11, ensuring a synchronised recession involving plunges in trade, capital outlays, inventories, and employment.

Boral the pick in building sector

WITH interest rates likely to rise to around 5 per cent by mid-year, investors should remain biased toward selecting cyclically– specifically stocks which do not yet fully reflect cyclical growth upside in valuations.

Keep investment options open

EXCHANGE Traded Equity Options began operating in Australia in 1976 and, since that time, have grown considerably both in volume and in the number of stocks over which they are based.