Water Minister Mia Davies. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Water infrastructure charges slashed

Thursday, 16 June, 2016 - 14:31

The cost to developers of connecting a subdivision or development to water supply infrastructure will be reduced by nearly 50 per cent from next month.

As foreshadowed in the recent state budget, the state government will reduce the charge for providing new water supply infrastructure to new developments and subdivisions by 47 per cent from July 1.

These are one-off charges paid by developers when subdividing or creating new lots or buildings with a service demand greater than a single residence.

Water Minister Mia Davies said the charges would be reduced from $4,064 to $2,150 per lot.

“This reduction reflects the decrease in the costs incurred by the Water Corporation to provide water supply infrastructure,” she said.

However, wastewater infrastructure contributions are set to increase from $1,363 per lot to $2,334 per lot.

“The corporation has been working closely with the development industry and this is a great outcome for new housing subdivisions across WA,” Ms Davies said.

She also said a long-standing anomaly would also be revised, with rural residential subdivisions to also attract the standard infrastructure contribution charge rather than full cost recovery.

“This removes red tape and a potential impediment to the expansion and growth in regional towns as it becomes more attractive to develop rural residential subdivisions,” Ms Davies said.