Board moves August 23 - August 30 2016

Tuesday, 30 August, 2016 - 15:10

Jupiter Energy has appointed Alexey Kruzhkov as a non-executive director. 

Sundance Resources has appointed Carol Marinkovich as company secretary.

Wolf Minerals has appointed Jacob Roorda as alternate director for Michael Wolley.

CTI Logistics has appointed Owen Venter as company secretary, replacing David Mellor.

Firestone Energy has appointed Thivhilaeli Michael Rathogwa and Christopher Bruce Tinney as directors.

Waterberg Coal Company has appointed Thivhilaeli Michael Rathogwa and Christopher Bruce Tinney as directors.

Mount Burgess Mining has appointed Jason Stirbinskis as a director.

Matrix Composites & Engineering has appointed Brendan Cocks to succeed Peter Tazewell as chief financial officer.

Cedar Woods has appointed Nathan Blackburne as chief operating officer.

Dato Soo Kok Lim has resigned as director and executive chairman of Audalia Resources.

David Potter has resigned as director of Excelsior Gold.

Richfield International has appointed Mark Licciardo as joint company secretary.

Michael Spreadborough will resign as chief operating officer at Sandfire Resources at the end of September.  Martin Reed has been appointed interim chief operating officer.

James Henderson has resigned as a director of Oklo.

Refresh Group has appointed Thuan Teh and Michael Pixley as non-executive directors. Nicholas Mun Yew Chan has resigned as non-executive director.

Platypus Minerals has appointed Mark Rodda as non-executive director.

Ensurance has appointed Sam Hallab as chief financial officer.


Charles Whitfield has retired as executive director of Galaxy Resources.

-          Dakota Minerals has appointed Dudley J Kingsnorth as non executive director.

-          WA Deaf Society has appointed Rebecca Adam as interim chief executive.

-          ABM Resources has appointed Matt Briggs as managing director.

-          Victory Mines has appointed Peter Peebles as non executive director.