Founding managing director of Euroz, Shane Gherbaz (second from right), has passed away.

Vale Shane Gherbaz

Monday, 22 August, 2016 - 14:44

Former stockbroker and the founding managing director of Euroz, Shane Gherbaz, has passed away after a battle with illness.

The 56 year old established Euroz in 2000 through a reverse takeover of Treloar Group.

The business, chaired by Reg Gillard, was intended as a technology play in financial services, aiming capture interest for local companies via European internet chat rooms at the heights of the boom.

By November of that year, though, it had switched strategy to one that best resembles the Euroz of today.

It recruited high-powered broking team led by Jay Hughes, Peter Diamond, and Andrew McKenzie from what was then Paterson Ord Minnett.

Although Mr Gherbaz was himself a broker, and a very keen exponent of research based on charting, he took a more administrative role with the relaunched group. He remained on the board of the listed company until 2005 and was a director of subsidiary Euroz Securities until 2007.

During this time he also served a three-year term as president of Down Syndrome WA. 

Mr Gherbaz was also a keen hockey player.