Karyn Hinder says there are limited services that support the transitioning of military members to civilian life. Photo: Ryan Ammon

Linking veterans to new opportunities

Thursday, 5 July, 2018 - 09:18

Veterans’ recruitment organisation Working Spirits is steadily increasing its profile among the Western Australian businesses community, with 10 former veterans recently finding placements, including with mining services business Macmahon Holdings.

The organisation was founded as a not for profit in late 2016 by Royal Australian Air Force member Karyn Hinder, with the aim of raising awareness of veterans’ employability to businesses in Australia.

Having relied on donations and grants thus far to fund multiple ‘military-to-civilian’ business networking events, Mrs Hinder aims to introduce a recruitment fee in the coming months to make the group sustainable.

“The idea for the charity was born after a very close friend and a colleague of mine, whom I have had the privilege of serving with, had been going through tough times, while also having to deal with the stresses of finding meaningful employment and adjusting back to mainstream life,” Mrs Hinder told Business News.

Other business that have partnered with Working Spirits are: global facilities management company Sodexo, mining services company MACA, and Downer Mining.

“It has taken time to establish business relationships and I have made some great connections through our ambassador Mr Roy Mellon from Definitiv,” she said.

“I am passionate about veteran employment and encourage business in WA to capture the Talent by employing a veteran.

“I have so far placed 10 veterans this year into employment pathways with leading WA companies. We have more currently going through interviews.”

Mrs Hinder said former veterans and military workers bring invaluable skills to business, and as a member of the Australian Air Force, she was well placed to identify where their skills could best be utilised.