WA Super

Fabian Ross, Chief Executive

WA Super is a leading industry super fund that is run with one distinct goal – to deliver a comfortable retirement for our members.

With over 43,000 members, we have been the super fund of choice for Western Australian local government employees and are now available to everyone in WA.

WA Super holds a MySuper licence from APRA, which means employers can choose to nominate WA Super as their default super fund of choice. Over 3000 Western Australian businesses contribute to WA Super on behalf of their employees.

WA Super has a holistic approach to delivering a comfortable retirement by:

  • Providing high quality service, education and advice to help our members understand their Super
  • Going the extra mile in administration, making super easy and hassle free
  • Providing access to tailored personal advice, where any advice fees may be funded through members superannuation accounts

This holistic attitude and approach to retirement comfort is our point of differentiation, our competitive advantage and answers the question – “Why WA Super?”