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    Uber story different than the Geldof view

    07 Apr 2015

    Before Easter we hosted Bob Geldof at what turned out to be an fascinating luncheon. Everyone will have a different take on what Sir Bob had to say ... you can read my report on the event below. I really enjoyed how he tried to use historical context to ...

    Next its Rising Stars

    16 Mar 2015

    Well the ticker tape has now truly been swept away; 40under40 was a great event again, and the big winner - Dr Angus Turner - extremely worthy.

    Next up for us is Rising Stars, our awards program for high-growth SMEs. Check it out here: http://www ...

    40under40 coming up

    09 Feb 2015

    Every year when the ticker tape is swept away and the last empty bottle of champagne has been dispatched to the recyclers we ask ourselves will we ever get a bunch of winners like that again? Well, as we get set for our 14th annual 40under40 awards, I c ...

    What's in store for 2015

    09 Jan 2015

    Our first edition of the new year will be out on January 19 and we'll be looking at the year ahead. We surveyed CEOs among our readers and have received some interesting results. "Challenging" remains a key word after the difficulties of 2014, especiall ...

    Merry Christmas

    18 Dec 2014

    I know its been a bit rough for the WA economy heading into Christmas. I wish everyone the very best for the festive season and I hope that things perk up again in the New Year. Thanks to all our readers for their support during the year - we look forwa ...

    Person of the Year

    15 Dec 2014

    Who do you reckon should be the Business News person of the year in local business and politics? We have our own views but we'll happily be guided by our readers. Contact me via email or at any of the social media links on this page.


    Food companies

    03 Dec 2014

    We've started to build a Food Companies list this week and you can see the beginnings here. This is a bit of a reverse order of things for us, normally we go and do much more research and ...

    Lean project management

    24 Oct 2014

    I’ve been involved in many, many projects over the last 30 years or so, everything from a few days of elegant efficiency to months of dreary dreadfulness. Project management is both an art and a science, no one has ‘the’ answer… but I learnt a lot throu ...

    Western Australia’s energy market

    01 Oct 2014

    The state government is currently undertaking a review of its wholesale electricity market and has flagged it will review the state's renewable energy industry.

    Business News is covering both reviews, reporting on updates, possible chang ...


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