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Power managers head back to school

Power Business Systems has added school classroom discussions to its community awareness campaigns.

VAT: Claremont calling

The fuss is about a new restaurant in Margaret River’s main street; VAT 107.

Pork crisis means local boom

WA PORK producers may soon see an improvement in pork prices. The local industry has been suffering from decreased domestic demand and pressure from overseas imports.

Fake brokers are threat

MORE than 300 people could be posing as registered insurance brokers, says the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Hydrogen buses for Perth?

HYDROGEN powered buses may be on Perth streets in the near future. Transport Minister Murray Criddle is visiting Germany for a briefing on the virtually emission-free fuel cell being trialled in buses there and in Canada.

Kailis cleanup starts at Exmouth

WORK has begun to rebuild the MG Kailis Learmonth factory near Exmouth so it can reopen as close to the April start of the prawning season as possible.

Program lands on its feet

AFTER just 12 months in WA, the Corporation Builders program has borne its first fruit. Rope and climbing equipment manufacturer Fallright International has signed a $2.7 million deal with venture capitalist Foundation Capital.

State host to 590K in 1998

WA played host to 589,000 international guests last financial year — equivalent to half the local population, according to WA Tourism Commission figures.The WATC found those guests spent $837 million while they were here.

Trust fund info now on the net

INVESTORS in the Director Trust and its personal superannuation version the Director Superannuation Trust can access all their information via the Internet.

Exmouth tourism audit

AN URGENT audit of the Exmouth tourism industry is being carried out by the WA Tourism Commission to help resume activities in the town as soon as possible.

Good oil

UNIVERSITY research and teaching will help bring more international investment to Australia’s petroleum industry says University of WA vice chancellor Deryck Schreuder.

Spain, WA swap ideas

ALTHOUGH investment has been limited in the past, Spain’s honorary WA consul Angel Quintela says business is booming in the exchange of ideas.

Clough, Kinhill in $120m deal

THE design and upgrading of the Woodman Point wastewater plant will be undertaken by an alliance of Clough Engineering, the Kinhill Group and the Water Corporation.

Villages for the valley

RURAL villages are on the drawing board for the Swan Valley. GHD Consultants has been employed by the Ministry of Planning to prepare structure plans for villages at Caversham, Middle Swan and Herne Hill.

Sunshine for Aurora

In spite of adverse El Nino climatic conditions affecting its Mt Muro mining operations in Indonesia, Aurora Gold Limited reported a net profit $14.5 million from silver and gold sales for the fiscal year ended December 31.

Locals doing well: BNP

IN 1998 the Asian crisis ensured companies in Australia selling goods or services to Asia and with markets in Asia suffered the brunt of the gyrations therein.

ACCC tackles price

THE Australian Consumer and Competition Commission has been given the job of monitoring prices when a GST becomes law.

Home approvals are up in country and city

RESIDENTIAL approvals have risen both in country and metropolitan areas in WA. In the Perth metropolitan area, the WA Ministry for Planning reports final approval was given to 404 residential lots in January.

Homeswest restructuring program rolls on

THE New Living program by Homeswest continues to gather momentum with more residential property being placed on the market.

Wine land value soars

THE wine regions in the south-west of WA are flourishing, with increased expansion and soaring land values.

Dealers bomb in survey

LICENSED securities dealers, investment advisers and insurance brokers have responded poorly to a Y2K readiness survey by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Q finds new target

Over the past three years, Q Multimedium has grown from a small operation to an international phenomenon. If its speed of growth and plans for the future are anything to go by, there may not be room in the current business lexicon to describe exactly what

Optum gets Equity

WA-based public company Energy Equity Corporation Limited has recently signed a contract to outsource all IT requirements throughout Australia and Asia to local company Optum Group Pty Ltd.

Should charity have more balls?

In garages all around Australia, in car boots, in boxes, lofts and under houses, there are balls by the millions.White balls, yellow balls, fluffy balls, bald balls, big balls and small balls. All unused balls.

Freo shortchanging itself

WITH an eye on the almighty dollar, Queensland’s Gold Coast introduced sexy, bikini-clad meter maids to attract and keep money-laden shoppers by pumping coins into expired parking meters.

Sticky wicket

We watched man walk on the moon, the iron curtain lower, missiles rain on Iran and Balkan refugees flee. All in our loungerooms.

Oil flows in the top end

The Northern Territory is fast becoming the ideal location for companies wanting to invest their expertise in servicing the growing oil and gas market.

Tenix opens new Darwin office

TENIX Defence Systems recently opened a regional office in Darwin to supply electronic communication systems to the region’s oil and gas, resource and defence industries.

Resources under spotlight

MINING, oil and gas are important business areas to be highlighted at this year’s NT Expo.