Latest Headlines

Rob Butler

The railway is a barrier between the city and Northbridge and should be sunk, says City of Subiaco councillor Rob Butler.

Janet Davidson

Greater consultation between Perth City Council, the community and business is the main thrust behind Janet Davidson’s vision for Perth if she is re-elected on May 1.

Roger Kwok

Perth has evolved into a surprisingly well planned city despite lacking a town planner, says WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce vice president and trade committee chairman Roger Kwok.

Jennifer MacGill

Simply improving street lighting will make the City of Perth a safer and more vibrant place, says retail outlet T Sharp owner and council candidate Jennifer MacGill.

Terry Maller

Council hopeful Terry Maller claims to have a different perspective on issues to other councillors.

Peter Richardson

Doing away with the Perth City Council’s ‘secret’ briefing meetings is high on Peter Richardson’s agenda.

Noel Semmens

A professionally created five-year plan is a essential for the development of a vibrant residential and commercial ‘living city’, says Perth City Council candidate Noel Semmens.

Tess Stroud

Deputy lord mayor Tess Stroud is “dying to see more cranes on the skyline” but warns “we don’t want to grow too quickly”.

Brad Waghorn

After serving almost 20 years with the WA Police service, Brad Waghorn is contending for the City of Perth council election “determined to secure our city”.

Workers’ compensation under review

A review of WA’s workers’ compensation system is underway. Premium Rates Committee chairman Des Pearson has been appointed to chair the review.

Bell to tackle the top end

Perth-based recruiter Bell Personnel has moved into the Northern Territory recruitment market.

Sacking is too hard for employers: survey

More than 45 per cent of Australian employees believe it is too hard for companies to sack staff, according to a Morgan & Banks survey.

Visionary leaders embrace change: Soft Skills

Most businesses are over-managed and under-led, says business coach and ‘change agent’ Jennifer Elliot of Soft Skills Australia.

Take bilingual opportunities

Learning a second language can leverage your career enormously, says The Language Academy managing director Paul Fox.

Communicating with NLP

A business consultancy is teaching marketing and communications using Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Exec MBAs relevant

Executive MBA programs from the Australian Graduate School of Management are structured for flexibility, convenience and relevance, says WA state manager John Barrington.

Taking the pain out of IT

Every organisation today uses computers and all managers, like it or not, have to understand how to take advantage of information technology (IT).

Mentoring pitfalls

Far too many Australian organisations are jumping into mentoring and not reaping the benefits says mentoring expert Linda MacGregor.

Good Samaritan clause for Y2K

The Federal Government-funded Year2K Industry Program plans to introduce an Information Disclosure Act or ‘Good Samaritan’ legislation that will address Y2K liability risks under the Trade Practices Act.

Mine goals are now computer mapped

MineMAX is an innovative new mine scheduling tool designed and manufactured in Perth by Technology Park-based Combinatorics.

Administration costs business

Poor administration and information systems can be time consuming, confusing and cost businesses immense turnover loss, says A1 Advanced Office Solutions consultant Jenny John.

Y2K insurance can be had

Despite public statements by insurers to the contrary, it is possible to purchase some forms of Year 2000 Problem insurance.

Power managers head back to school

Power Business Systems has added school classroom discussions to its community awareness campaigns.

VAT: Claremont calling

The fuss is about a new restaurant in Margaret River’s main street; VAT 107.

Pork crisis means local boom

WA PORK producers may soon see an improvement in pork prices. The local industry has been suffering from decreased domestic demand and pressure from overseas imports.

Fake brokers are threat

MORE than 300 people could be posing as registered insurance brokers, says the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Hydrogen buses for Perth?

HYDROGEN powered buses may be on Perth streets in the near future. Transport Minister Murray Criddle is visiting Germany for a briefing on the virtually emission-free fuel cell being trialled in buses there and in Canada.

Kailis cleanup starts at Exmouth

WORK has begun to rebuild the MG Kailis Learmonth factory near Exmouth so it can reopen as close to the April start of the prawning season as possible.

Program lands on its feet

AFTER just 12 months in WA, the Corporation Builders program has borne its first fruit. Rope and climbing equipment manufacturer Fallright International has signed a $2.7 million deal with venture capitalist Foundation Capital.