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Government should start again

“Mission accomplished” was what John Howard said in reference to his tax reform and the impending GST at the recent Liberal party state conference.

Direction changes

TRAFFIC flows on several streets east of the Hay Street and Murray Street Malls have changed as part of the Perth Access project, a partnership between the Perth City Council and Transport.

Utility gears up for new order

WESTERN Power is preparing for the deregulation of WA’s power industry.

Lawyers care more than agents: Ley

LAWYERS are striking out at the duty of care differences between themselves and settlement agents.

Economic growth poses threat to Asia

UNBRIDLED economic growth in Asian countries could mean ecological disaster unless governments actively pursue new policies based on the emerging science of cleaner production.

Premier in Print

WESTERN Australians can be justifiably proud at news that the Perth Mint will be producing victory medals for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Power project is cooking on gas

TWO WA consortiums are negotiating with the WA Government for the right to supply electricity to the western Kimberley region.

Heritage access launched on net

INFORMATION on Aboriginal heritage sites is now easier to access, thanks to the Aboriginal Affairs Department’s new heritage site management system.

Perth designer plans for Taipei

INSIGHTS from the recent design forum on the future of Perth will be brought to bear at an international design forum in Taipei.

China takes help from Curtin University

CURTIN University is helping China to prepare for membership of the World Trade Organisation.

WA justice for Sri Lanka

THE WA Ministry of Justice has won an AusAid contract to develop the pilot for a community corrections program in Sri Lanka.

Cheap calls help centres

CALL centres are poised to reap the benefits of lower telecommunications costs.

Pharmacy opens 24 hours

THE first 24 hour pharmacy in WA has opened its doors. The Beaufort Street Pharmacy in Mount Lawley will offer 24 hour public access to the full range of pharmaceuticals.

Wheat board shifts its focus

The Australian Wheat Board, privatised on 1 July 1999, is operating under a new structure which, according to AWB Limited WA regional manager, Greg Harvey, is more commercially focussed while continuing to be customer driven.

Resources industry must face GST: Ince

WA’S resources industry needs to confront how it will handle the introduction of a GST on 1 July next year.

Convention a valuable resource

Want to learn the secrets of the man dubbed the AFL coach of the 90s?

Bankruptcies jump 8%

THE number of Australians going bankrupt jumped by more than eight per cent last financial year, according to the latest official figures.

Business must get house in order

SMALL to medium size business should rein in debtors and get their cash management houses in order to help prepare for the GST, the Aust-ralian Society of CPAs has warned.

Farm output tipped to drop 7.6%

The net value of farm production is forecast to fall by 7.6 per cent to $3.3 billion in 1999-2000 according to the latest issue of Australian Commodities Forecasts and Issues, released by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics.

Perth developer draws recognition

PERTH-based web development company Vivid Interactive & Design’s achievements are being recognised by international players.

Fingerprinter aligns

WA-BASED ‘fingerprint’ technology distributor Triton Resources has formed a strategic alliance with Melbourne-based Computer Detection Systems.

Region share

A SHARE portfolio management computer program is being produced and distributed nationally from Geraldton.

BHP’s northwest dream has come true

DESCRIBED as a “dream come true” BHP’s newly commissioned $2.45 billion hot briquetted iron processing plant has set an historic precedent.

Illegal mining and political unrest stall Aurora’s efforts

PERTH-based gold miner Aurora Gold Ltd has suspended some of its mining operations due to illegal mining and political uncertainty in Indonesia.

Newcrest’s resilience rewarded

Stockbroker DJ Carmich-ael Pty Limited has ratedNewcrest Mining Ltd a buy for its “enormous resilience” in the current tough gold mining environment.

Titan on the verge

TITAN Resources NL believes it is on the verge of a major metallurgical breakthrough to biologically recover nickel from base metal sulphide ores –a process which is attracting keen international attention from other base metal miners around the world.

Hardman to Italy

HARDMAN Resources NL plans to drill the Colom-bo 1 gas exploration well, in the Italian Fiume Tevere permit, in October this year.

Deep work comes to WAPET

Some of the deepest hydrocarbon exploration drilling offshore Australia soon will be undertaken by West Australian Petroleum Pty Limited (WAPET).

Macmin cuts costs

Junior minerals explorer Macmin NL has reduced its operating costs by as much as 50 per cent to concentrate on its Twin Hills prospect on the Texas project in Papua New Guinea.