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Nominations sought

NOMINATIONS are being called for the Wendy Middleton Award – the highest award the Australian Customer Service Associationpresents in WA.

Tower works start

PERTH City Council has started roadworks at Barrack Square as part of the site’s redevelopment.

Digital images available

A PERTH-based company has launched what could be the world’s first image web server.

Compliance costs may cripple

SMALL businesses are likely to be hit with GST compliance costs forty times those of big businesses.

Survey strikes blow for unions

THE long-held belief that there may be a direct correlation between the strength of union membership and working days lost may be incorrect.

Lifestyles feed retail revolution

A REVOLUTION is occurring in the retail grocery market with many stores now devoting large areas to ‘home meal replacement’ products and high quality delicatessen lines.

Agents can be passport to success

AUSTRALIA’S immigration program is always well debated and ministerial consultations are held with a range of community organisations each year.

Shoppers prefer strip shops

HIGH yield shoppers are moving away from shopping centres and turning to strip shopping, a KPMG report has found.

Recognition helps with Native Title

THE WA Government and opposition should stop trying to score points in the Native Title debate and find solutions to fast track ex-ploration agreements and productive mining, says Richard O’Shan-nassy & Co solicitor and native title mediator Marcus Holmes

Business fails to keep records

ABOUT 17 per cent of WA small businesses are not keeping proper records, a twelve month Australian Securities and Investments Com-mission program has found.

Poynton gains bond trade alliance

THROUGH an alliance with the Royal Bank of Canada, WA-based stock broker Hartley Poynton Limited can now trade in AA+ and AAA-rated government and private bonds from amounts as little as $25,000.

Playing by the rules not good enough

DEVELOPERS beware. It appears simply meeting the Perth City Council’s legal planning requirements are no longer enough.

Car park revamp is finally underway

THE redevelopment of council’s Number 8 car park bounded by James, Lake and Roe Streets has finally begun.

Tudori censured again

• COUNCILLOR Bert Tudori has been censured yet again, this time for disrupting a recent informal ‘briefing meeting’.

Developer wins on second try

BUILDING of a three-storey office and apartment building has been approved by council – just three weeks after being knocked back.

Gosnells banks on upgrade

FACED with a dying business sector and growing crime rate, the City of Gosnells has embarked on a $80 million revamp of Gosnells Town Centre.

WA eggs crack HK

STRINGENT hygiene and state-of-the-art technology have helped WA’s Golden Egg Farms crack the Hong Kong egg product market.

Eagle approved in US

A WA-built plane has received airworthiness certificates from both the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Councils join crime fight

RAC Insurance, WA police and a number of metropolitan councils have joined forces with Crime Stoppers to raise community awareness and involvement in the program.

Premier in Print

THE Premiers and Chief Ministers from around Australia will be meeting in Sydney on 23 July for a Leaders’ Forum.

Exporters gain support in Taiwan

WA EXPORTERS now have a representative in the increasingly lucrative Taiwanese market.

Hyped up about Asian markets

WA EXPORTERS could benefit from the Asian emergence of giant super markets known as hypermarkets.

Greenhouse gas haunts WA industry

Greenhouse gas emission treaties could destroy WA’s chance to develop downstream processing industries, says Woodside Petroleum managing director John Akehurst.

Tourism to enjoy a boost from within

DOMESTIC tourism is set to get a boost from an initiative encouraging Australians to holiday at home rather than choosing to travel overseas.

Retailers face GST issues threat

RETAILERS and their advisers have been put on notice by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

WA imager on verge of cracking 3D market

AFTER five years of research and development, a Perth imaging company is on the verge of cornering the 3D television market.

Labor still concerned about GST

WHILE no longer opposing the GST, Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley still has concerns.

Olympics club opens

A NEW business club, designed to make the most of international awareness of Australia thanks to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, is looking for members.

Money no longer the only driving force

Financial systems are not so much an accident waiting to happen,” says Martin Wolf, the chief economic commentator for the Financial Times, “as one that is constantly happening.”