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WA-India trade grows

WA BUSINESSES have been urged to consider India as an export market. Commerce and Trade Minister Hendy Cowan said India had a relatively strong economic position within the Indian Ocean Rim community and a huge population.

Computer commuters bring city business to the country

THE communications revolution, which has put local business in touch with the world, is also bringing big city business to the country.

Charter tours popular

RECREATIONAL fishing is proving extremely popular, charter tours are vital and diving tours are fast establishing themselves says Exmouth Charter Tours operator George King.

Lucon success

WITH three fabrication workshops, a national construction operation and an international parent, Lucon (Australia) Pty Ltd is a strong proponent of industrial success in the South West.

Fast ferry system

A SYSTEM developed by Austal Ships and the Australian Maritime Engineering Cooperative Research Centre reduces the motion of fast ferries operating in waves by up to 50 per cent.

Rates outlook of major concern

CORPORATE earnings growth and the outlook for interest rates are the major concerns for future returns in the world’s money market says Fidelity Investments UK executive director of investments, Chrissy Keen.

Bankwest net profit, earnings increased

BANKWEST has announced a net profit after tax of $116.1 million for the year to February 1999.

Greed/fear still prevails

ONE of the exhortations of financial planners and advisers generally is to maintain a balanced portfolio of assets.However, it is often impossible to break through the ‘greed/fear’ cycle so prevalent among investors.

Super changes official

THE government has released details of the new administration arrangements for self managed super funds.

Trade mark registration key to identification

AN increasing trend in recent years has been for businesses to consider entering into franchise agreements with other parties in order to increase their exposure.

Mentors tap business potential

ALL businesses reach their plateau before they reach their full potential. What is needed when this happens is a catalyst for further growth – a business mentor.

ERA seek franchisees

EXPENSE Reduction Analysts are looking for professional people to join their worldwide franchise of cost reduction experts.

Jani-King cleans up in WA

JANI-KING continues to push for dominance in Perth with a record annual turnover of $6.5 million and more than 630 cleaning contracts.

Snap ventures into English market

SNAP Printing solidified its status as Australia’s largest, most successful printing franchise with the recent addition of the 150th Snap centre in London.

Maid Perfect set to expand

Maid Perfect was launched last year by Lorna Good as a follow-on to her well-known Flying Domestics business.Flying Domestics is a casual cleaning service, while Maid Perfect is aimed at servicing larger homes on an ongoing basis.

Kwik Kerb: a well proven franchise system

KWIK Kerb are currently looking for dedicated franchisees. The company offers a system for the installation of continuous concrete edging.

Franchising – the past five years

A PERIOD of rapid franchise growth began in WA in 1993. Statistically, until then WA had been lagging behind the other states in terms of the growth of franchised business units in the marketplace.

Blue sky still shining on net

IF YOU thought the Internet was an area where entrepreneurs with drive and vision could forever change the fundamental rules of an industry, you’re too late, those days are gone already.

Small business grabs IT

THE vast majority of small businesses are backing information technology as much as they can, a new survey found.

Copyright to change

AUSTRALIA’S niche hardware and software industry is likely to get a boost from changes to the Copyright Act. The changes will allow hardware and software developers to decompile existing programs to help make compatible products.

Regional Review

WESTERN Australians have gained a reputation for being hardworking, innovative and, not only commercially progressive, but hugely successful.

Scenery attracts, not distracts

A GROWING share of the multi-billion dollar resource industry in Australia is being serviced from the South West, according to a recent study.

Interstate visitors tourist boon for South West

THE pristine environment, clear blue skies, friendly people, unique natural attractions and easy touring make WA an attractive tourist destination.

$45m support package boosts GMS plan

A $45 MILLION package has given a great kick-start to the Gascoyne Murchison Strategy (GMS) plan initiated by pastoralists in rangeland WA.

Gascoyne mining prospects abound

MINING as an industry in the Gascoyne hosts many investment and exploration prospects. Gypsum mining and on-site processing at Lake Macleod, and limestone mining near Learmonth will augment the region’s mining activity in the short term.

Gascoyne region is ripe for commercial development, investing

WITH wide open spaces and unique natural marine and terrestrial attractions, the Gascoyne region holds huge potential for continued commercial development.

Tourism boom is likely to continue

TOURISM is by far the Gascoyne’s fastest growing sector, offering great investment opportunities. In 1996 more than 217,000 tourists visited the region, generating $57.6 million in revenue.

Vance power destroys

CYCLONE Vance’s multi-million dollar rampage through the Gascoyne sparked a massive repair operation by Western Power.

Goldfields mineral production nets $2b

MINERAL production in the Goldfields is valued at more than $2 billion per year, including more than half of WA’s gold output.