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Millennium bug not only 2000 problem

BEATING the Millennium bug is not the only thing needed to prepare for the next millennium, says Percy Institute of International Protocol principal Louise Percy.

Shortage tipped

As 2000 draws closer, businesses will find technical help difficult to find, with software suppliers and special-ists under-resourced, says Sybiz Software’s Sevva Nelson.

Bug beating franchise in court

A FRANCHISOR promoting franchises for Year 2000 compliance software has been taken to court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Planning beats more than bug

A COMPREHENSIVE contingency plan can not only assist with Year 2000 problems, but also the failure of business systems or processes at any time in the future, says Stamfords Accountants Advisers Consultants partner Jon Petelczyc.

Post-Y2K slowdown possible

Y2K UNCERTAINTY may well cause an international post-Y2K economic slowdown.

Lack of readiness can mean court

BUSINESSES failing to come to terms with the Y2K problem could find themselves in legal trouble.

Bug busting alliance to hold Y2K seminars

PERTH-based CISA Technologies has formed an alliance with international Y2K specialist, The Software Revo-lution Inc.TSRI has been retained by the Boeing company in the US to ensure it is Y2K compliant before 1 January 2000.

Utilities bare all

STATE and national utilities and key service providers will announce their Y2K preparedness at a forum on 12 August at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel.

Booklet revamped

THE DEPARTMENT of Commerce and Trade has released a revised version of its Y2K bug action plan booklet, The Millennium Bug Buster.

Use common sense on 1 Jan say police

WHILE many are concerned the year 2000 New Year’s Eve celebrations will provide an opportune time for domestic burglary, the best preventative measure is common sense, says WA Police Department’s Inspector Fordham.

Longer hours for recognition

AUSTRALIANS are working longer hours to impress the boss – not because their workload is excessive – a Morgan & Banks survey has found.

Manners key to global success

MINDING your manners at work is increasingly important with technological advances and global business says Morgan & Banks’ John Banks. Mr Banks said many people were now unsure just how to behave appropriately.

Dole contract awarded

EMPLOYMENT National has won contracts to provide Work For The Dole in WA, South Australia and Tasmania.

Mentors speed up career progression

THE best way to fast track your career is to have a trusted, powerful mentor says interactive marketing director Marcelo Silva.

E-shop with Westpac

WESTPAC has entered the e-commerce arena with the launch of its eMarket online shopping directory.

Data accuracy gives cause for complaint

WINNING a new customer costs five times as much as it does to keep an existing one. Even so, the average business will lose between ten per cent and thirty per cent of customers each year.

Future grey for corporate clones

WHAT to wear today? As we crawl out of bed looking forward to another cut and thrust day at work, the choices for women seem to be endless.

Comings & Goings

THE following company personnel changes have been notified to the WA office of the Australian Stock Exchange:

Back in biz

Most restaurants in WA are consigned to restaurant ‘strips’ or shopping centres. This is a consequence of local authority zonings as much as anything, which effectively banish neighbourhood restaurants from a residential setting.

New focus on food and wine

Serious newspapers have an obligation to deliver to readers news and commentary which is honestly arrived at and presented without fear or favour. This is the guiding principal of all good journalism.

Mauritius tastes WA

WA food, wine and aboriginal art has been showcased at a recent festival at the Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Hilton the place for class

TOP chefs from Australia and around the world will share their secrets at the 1999 WA MasterClass Weekend to be held at the Parmelia Hilton Perth on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July.

Lunch with Soloman

RENOWNED chef and cook book author Charmaine Soloman is the Hyatt Regency Hotel’s special lunch time guest for July.

Windows a clear winner once again

WINDOWS Restaurant has been named the American Express Best Restaurant in an International Hotel for the fourth time this decade.


KARRIDALE, in the Margaret River wine region, is to be home to a 1,000 tonne capacity winery due to open in December.

Trading hour change stalled

DESPITE a report recommending shops be allowed to remain open from 6:00am to 9:00pm, with a total deregulation of shopping hours in five years time, it is unlikely trading hours will change.

Native Title claim boom may be imminent

WHILE the number of active Native Title claims has fallen, there is a real danger they could skyrocket soon.

Isolation no longer a barrier

Is this the golden age for local companies to go global? The landscape of Western Australian business is altered forever. We are less isolated and more open to global threats and opportunities.

Recovery timing uncertain

AFTER WA’s December quarter economic slump, experts agree the recovery is coming. They just cannot agree on when.