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Perth property owners communicating

Building owners and telecommunications companies are gradually reaching agreements on access to enable installation of telecommunications facilities.

Fire protectors admit furphies

Two fire protection service providers have admitted misleading clients about services not provided, following investigations into the industry by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Lessors shortchanged

Treasury is continuing with plans to move depreciation benefits from property owners to tenants, with new criteria proposed that could affect nearly every property lease in Australia.

SW budget winner: Kierath

THE South West will receive a major boost under the budget, according to Minister Assisting the Treasurer Graham Kierath.

Wespine beefs up Dardanup Mill

TO MEET demand stemming from the building industry, Wespine Industries is under-taking a $10 million expansion of its Dardanup Mill.

Region shows off options

PERTH-based conference and meeting organisers were offered the choice of a smorgasbord of venues at the inaugural South West Showcase.

Coalfields now officially open

THE $5 million Coalfields project undertaken by Henry Walker Eltin Contracting was officially opened by Transport Minster Murray Criddle recently.

$10m to commission

A NUMBER of initiatives are outlined in the State budget in relation to the South West Development Commission.

Camp Greenhill

Perhaps it was the shrine to Princess Diana, or maybe the portraits of Queens past and present on the walls. Maybe it was the sheer amplitude of glossy antiques, bric-a-brac, gilt, crystal, coloured glass, silver, mirrors and a hundred other rococo flouri

Report slams tax schemes

ONLY two of WA’s plethora of rural tax investment schemes have good prospects according to a scathing report by Van Eyk Capital.

Tourism boom proves no boon

INCREASING tourism numbers attracted to the South West has not made life for many tourism operators any easier with some battling to survive.

Owners not always masters of domain

DOMAIN name owners should be aware their precious asset could be up for grabs if re-registration notifications are ignored.

Car industry on the move

MASSIVE changes will continue in the automotive industry in the next few years, says Coventry Group Limited CEO and chairman Barry Watson.

Lantage success bubbles up

FRENCH champagne producer Comte de Lantage will expand its marketing operations throughout Australia following its success in the WA market.

Call for corporate citizens

WA BUSINESSES are being called on by the WA Government to play a part in the creation of better communities.

WA contribution praised

WA is well on the way to becoming a leading exporter in renewable energy technology, according to Federal Environment Minister Robert Hill.

Tourism funding

TOURISM Minister Norman Moore is seeking tourism infrastructure projects for the next round of WA Government funding assistance.

Central city changes detailed

A REPORT detailing the recent changes in the central city area has been released by the City of Perth in collaboration with the WA Planning Commission.

Terrace Hotel to shrink

THE Terrace Hotel is to be ‘downsized’ after approval of a $2.3 million redevelopment plan was granted by council.

Leahy nominated

FORMER City of Perth Deputy Lord Mayor Jim Leahy was nominated for council at an extraordinary election on 8 July held following the sudden death of councillor Noel Semmens.

Make public submissions for convention centre: Goodman

COUNCILLOR Laurence Goodman recently put forward a motion calling for the WA Government to make public details of tender submissions received for the Perth convention and exhibition centre.

Parking banned

PARAMOUNT Night Club and Varga Lounge in James Street have obtained Council approval to prohibit parking outside the nightclubs after 5:30pm for a three month trial basis.

Invest in manufacturing: CEO

CALLS have been directed at Government to provide incentives for capital equipment investment in the Australian manufacturing industry.

Tender analysis

THE Department of Local Government has prepared an analysis of the problems facing local governments when calling tenders for goods and services.

Motor industry push for choice

THE WA Motor industry has called on the Federal Government to pass a Private Member’s Bill which would allow service station operators to buy up to 50 per cent of their fuel from sources other than their oil company supplier.

Premier in Print

ANNOUNCING State Government service fees and charges is usually a relatively simple exercise around Budget time each year.

Partnership plan for tourism

A five year vision for the tourism industry has been launched by Premier Richard Court.

Lucrative mining wins announced

LOCAL industries servicing the mining sector will be big winners following recent announcements of mining projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Offshore delegation to US

A DELEGATION of more than twenty WA-based companies led by Attorney General Peter Foss recently attended a major investment and export development conference in the US.