BDO, in association with Business News, are proud to present the first BDO Top 900 Board & Executive Remuneration Report 2017.

Produced by our local BDO Advisory and Remuneration Professionals, this report delves into the remuneration packages of up to 900 ASX Listed Companies. With over 4,000 incumbents across a number of executive, director and non-executive director roles, grouped into market capitalisation tiers as at March 2017, the information is based on the most recent annual reports for the 2016 financial year-end.

Reported roles include; Non-Executive Chair, Non-Executive Directors, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Business Unit Head, Human Resources Executive, Technical Executive, Chief Legal Counsel, Sales and Marketing Executive, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Information Officer and Company Secretary.

This 300+ page report is the largest, most comprehensive granular report on board and executive remuneration packages in Australia, reporting on;

    • Total Fixed Remuneration, Total Annual Remuneration and Total Remuneration for above executive and key management personnel roles
    • Short and Long Term Incentive Opportunity Maximums and Total Remuneration Mix for key roles
    • Board fees and committee fees Non-Executive Director roles

... across 10 different sectors and geography.

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