Tony Galati Founder Spudshed

Tony Galati - Spudshed

Spud King Tony Galati - fighting the odds.

Potato grower and businessman Tony Galati has emerged as the people's champion in his fight for a deregulated industry. It's a fight that goes back decades for Mr Galati, who grew up in an immigrant family to become a major agribusiness and retail player.

The Galati family business has come a long way since starting a market garden in Spearwood in the 1960s. Spud Shed owners, brothers Tony and Vince Galati, grew up helping their Sicilian parents run a 2-hectare market garden.

A combination of the hard work they and their co-workers were putting in as farmers, and the feeling that the monetary rewards didn't reflect this effort, drove the Galatis to open a storefront at the Baldivis farm 18 years ago. "The biggest kick I get is walking out in that shop and seeing all the oldies, they can afford to buy a decent broccoli or a decent bit of meat or even groceries," Mr Galati said. "We’ve got a passion; we enjoy what we do, my brother (Vince) and I."

The group now employs hundreds of people across numerous sites, is expanding its retail network and looking at export opportunities.

All along the way, from growing potatoes to retail trading hours, Mr Galati has met and overcome obstacles in the form of outdated and irrelevant regulation that has impacted their efforts to grow the family business.

View the video below to discover more about Tony's experiences and success.

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