Professor. Barry Marshall

Prof. Barry Marshall


For years, Prof. Barry Marshall's work was dismissed, but he was duly proved correct and awarded a Nobel prize for his efforts.

Join us for breakfast and an entertaining talk with the doctor who famously drank an infectious broth, gave himself an ulcer and proved that bacteria (not stress, as previously thought) causes peptic ulcers and some gastric cancers. Prof. Marshall will also offer views on the fast growth of Western Australia's fascinating biotech sector.

From cutting edge researcher to biotech entrepreneur, Nobel laureate Professor Barry Marshall has been at the frontier of science and commercialisation for 40 years.

Winning the Nobel prize in Medicine in 2005 made him a household name in this country and an in demand speaker around the world. The prevailing ‘wisdom’ had been that ulcers were caused by stress or spicy foods, not bacteria as Prof Marshall and long-term collaborator Robin Warren had discovered in the mid 80s. To prove the theory, Prof Marshall famously drank a mixture of Helicobacter pylori, developed stomach ulcers and then cured himself with antibiotics. Today ulcers are treated that way, and stomach cancers are almost a thing of the past.

Growing up in Kalgoorlie, Carnarvon and then Perth, the eldest of four children young Barry was encouraged to be curious by his parents. Home grown experimenting led him to Newman College and from there to read medicine at UWA. At UWA he met his future wife Adrienne, and they were married in 1972 and had four children by 1981.

These days, apart from his duties as a Nobel laureate, university professor, researcher, medical doctor and renowned speaker, Dr Marshall devotes time to his own bio tech startup, Ondek, which is developing products that use Helicobacter pylori bacterium to cure allergies.

Join us for breakfast and an intriguing talk with Prof. Marshall about not only his contribution toward the discovery of the bacteria that causes most peptic ulcers, but also the fast growth of Western Australia’s fascinating biotech sector.



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Tuesday, 4 August, 2015
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