eGRoup June Forum - West Coast Cable Wars with Jim Wyatt

Event Date: 
03 June 2014
56 Ord Street

Jim Wyatt was our guest speaker in February 2013. Back then he was the then head of the Digital Economy Branch in the WA Department of Commerce. At that session Jim had us all captivated with the future of the Digital Economy in WA, what we can expect from it and how we can use it to our best advantage. Jim gave us a thrilling insight into what the NBN will deliver to our State and in particular to all of our e-Businesses. If you missed him last time don’t miss him this time.

Jim returns to us in his new role as a digital strategy consultant now operating in the private sector. Jim will share with us a recap of where things have got to with the Federal NBN rollout and the various developments in the State’s programs supporting digital business since his last visit.

Jim will also enlighten us on what has been dubbed the ‘West Coast Cable Wars’ which he says will depending upon the outcome impact the cost of interconnectivity to the US and Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, will impact the rollout of new data centres and cloud support infrastructure in WA and will also impact Perth’s involvement in ‘sun-following’ practices for software development and technical support services etc. with the obvious flow-on effects for our e-Business members.

Jim Wyatt is a senior member of Australia’s digerati and a key influencer of the digital economy agenda within WA. Jim has been assisting communities, industry and governments to maximize social and economic outcomes through the practical utilization and strategic exploitation of digital technologies and practices over many years both from within and outside of government. Jim’s last role was General Manager, Digital Economy Branch in the WA Department of Commerce.

David Smit
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