Your Best Self Series: Climate Change and You

Event Date: 
05 October 2016
AIM WA Leadership Centre
76 Birkdale Street

Thinking about climate change can be pretty overwhelming and disempowering. Yet, there is so much that each of us can do individually, as part of an organisation and as a member of society, to shape the future.

It can be big, or small. Vote; ride a bike; tell a story; plant a tree; sing a song, learn the facts, change your habits and change the world. Everything counts.

Join us at this informative luncheon as CSIRO Director, Paul E. Hardisty, shares his considerable expertise in the field of climate change and discusses how you can:

*Understand what’s really going on with regards to climate change. There is a mountain of credible and trustworthy information out there.
*Be objective, be optimistic and put your worldview aside.
*Take ownership of the issue and be an active participant in the solution.
*Take action - no one is powerless.
*The future, as T.E. Lawrence said, is not written. We have the ability to prevent the worst effects of climate change if we choose to.

Dr Paul E. Hardisty
Director, Land and Water Flagship

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