Workshop: Tao-based Inner Smile & Heart-Focused Emotional Intelligence

Event Date: 
27 April 2019
Dome Cafe Midland, Conference Room
21 Cale Street

The inner-smile helps increase our chi or vital energy, radiating this life force energy through the meridians of the body and organs bring health & vitality and balancing emotions as well as a range of creative and spiritual expressions. Our organs store different emotions and therefore organs have different energies. The heart element is fire, which can activate anything. Love has fire energy, which is the most powerful energy. The first step in creating a loving energy involves picturing yourself smiling from the heart and radiating this love all around your body. If you improve your mind, body and spiritual level of energy, your mind will be clearer, you will be more physically fit, your energy level will improve and your emotions will be calmer. The inner-smile resonates with outside vibrations and reverberates back to us as a collective smiling healing dance. This creates an endless exchange of loving energy, invigorating and uplifting us on all levels. The inner smile is considered a complete, non-sectarian spiritual practice that will benefit everyone.

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