Women Must Ask - Negotiating Skills

Event Date: 
23 March 2012
Duxton Hotel
1 St Georges Terrace

Deborah Spurgeon, Scotwork

Time: 7:30 am - 10:30 am

One of the recognised issues in the gender equity debate is that women are much more timid than men when it comes to negotiating pay increases and advancement.

The result?
* Australian women are 2 ½ times more likely to live in poverty in their old age than men because they have contributed so much less to superannuation due to the gap in pay equity.

* In 2010 the pay gap between men and women grew by $7.90 per week.

* Female CEOs earn 2/3 of the median wage of male CEOs and female CFOs and COOs earn 1/2 the median wage of their male equivalents.

The good news? Women, properly trained in the application of simple-to-learn, easy-to-use negotiation skills will be better negotiators and able to achieve better outcomes.

AmCham's Women in Leadership Committee, committed to finding practical ways to address the gender equity gap, is pleased to feature Scotwork in an executive tutorial which will coach you in being a better negotiator. Scotwork has trained over 10,000 executives in negotiation skills generating more than a billion dollars through better outcomes in less time. AmCham has featured Scotwork tutorials twice in the past six months including a recent "CEO only" session. The feedback for our Scotwork sessions has been very positive.

For 10 years Deborah held various senior sales roles for Allied Domecq, selling and negotiating contracts in the FMCG grocery multiple sector. She spent 4 years working for a London based consultancy WRPO Ltd, which focused on helping suppliers better manage the relationship with the big 4 UK grocery retailers.

During the last 4 years working with Scotwork International, Deborah has been involved in all aspects of training new tutors across the world. Her role was focussed on bringing new tutors to the point that they can be licensed to train, consult & coach for the full range of the Scotwork portfolio.

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