"What's Your Story?"

Event Date: 
13 April 2012
Heath Ledger Theatre

XML is a digital think-tank and creative workshop that showcases experts from around the world. It's targeted at companies and individuals looking to improve their buisness innovation and more specifically, their ability to market their ideas on an international scale. The impressive line-up of 16 mentors will present at the Professional Conference Day on Fri 13 & then provide one-on-one mentoring to selected teams. Last year at XML in Perth, 14 of it's 16 teams secured funding for their projects.

Speakers: Warren Coleman, Jason Manley, Rajesh Rao, Helen Papagiannis, Derek Woodgate, Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo, Sam Doust, Alison Norrington, Jaunique Sealey, Jeroen Elfferich, Carolyn Handler Miller, Yang Lei, Loiuse O'Donnell, Samuel Seow, Linda Aronson & John DeMargheriti



X Media Lab (XML) Perth
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